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  1. Located 200 miles away from the south of Manila lies an island which was voted by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook as one of the best beaches in the world. This island famously known for its crystal like white sand and the blue sea. Let me introduced to you the island which claims to be the proud of the Philippines, the island Boracay. Boracay captures the heart of evrey visitor for the peaceful place gives harmony to everyone, giving them the chance to relax and savor every they had in the island. This is also the perfect place for uniting like weddings. Many high profile individuals decided to make their wedding ceremony here in Boracay, its because they believe this is the perfect place for them to exchange their vows. Sure you don't want to make your special day unspecial for others, right? So you want a place which can provide you the essence of harmony and peace. Where love is everywhere and is felt by everyone, Boracay is where love is. This is the best setting for your dream beach wedding with torches and not electric lights to feel the uniqueness. How happy to imagine your queen of your life to be happy walking barefooted in the white sand. Well, don't let your imagination stay as it is, make it a reality. How to get that, just book your love ones to the best resort in Boracay that can cater all your needs and make that dream wedding a truly memorable one. Zoe Mei Resort, a resort in Boracay that is expert in wedding occasions. They can help you to preapre all your wedding matters. They will arrange everything for you and let that occasion in your life truly special that will leave a mark to you and your couple's heart. I will let you see the scenes on the wedding day of one of the guest of Zoe Mei resort which fixed their mind to do their wedding here in Boracay with the assistance of Zoe Mei. Check our website for photos and information of our wedding package http://www.zoemeiresortboracay.com/ or contact us at zoemeiresort@gmail.com
  2. Boracay is still the best beach destination in the country. With perfect sunset and a panoramic view of the beach, Zoe Mei Resort is a perfect romantic set-up for your beach themed wedding. We can guarantee guarantee convenient wedding reception set-up, privacy, relaxation and affordability. You don’t have to worry about privacy, security and exclusivity. Check out our group rates at: http://www.wix.com/zoemeiresort/zoemeiresort Can be as low as Php600+ per pax per night! For more questions, email us at: info@zoemeiresort.com or or call us at +63362886252.
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