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  1. LisaRob- The DJ has a laptop and a large speaker, like a normal DJ size speaker that you would see at an event. What we did was load our music onto an iPod and I gave Yanna a break down list of how I want the music to be played since we wanted to have the music being played while we had dinner so that we could keep everyone busy. We also copied everything onto CD's as a backup. Be sure to have the USB for the iPod at the wedding if that is how you are going to do it, we ran into an issue because the iPod wasn't fully charged and someone had to run up to our room to find it for the DJ.
  2. Good luck to all you girls shopping for your dresses. For anyone trying to save a little bit on a dress don't rule out stores with occasional dresses. The company that made my dress has some amazing white/cream color dresses, there was one dress made by Terrani that I saw online about a month before the wedding that made me wish that I didn't have a dress... What I loved about my dress was that it felt more like I was wearing a couture gown, that made me feel really special.
  3. Thanks girls! Here are some additional things that I either didn't have pictures of or couldn't post back than. flower girls had pink outfits, lace tutu skirt and pink tees with black bead necklaces attached. Their outfits came out so well in all the photos since they popped against my and hubby's muted colors. This is the t-shirt I designed for hubby to wear the day of the wedding. I had an issue for some reason when I was ironing it on, wasn't really a big deal though cause it kind of made it look vintage. He loved this t-shirt! A good picture of our rings to
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very Happy Holidays. Thank you all for your tips, support, and encouragement during my time spent on this forum. May the new year bring you all wonderful and exciting things. May your planning be easy and your weddings be spectacular. Nancy thank you for your comments. Yes our group had a blast at the wedding, you met some of them, and those weren't even the craziest ones, so you can imagine! Hope you, Jason, and the boys are doing well. What a sad life it is being back home in the cold now:( I saw you posted that you guys want to go back
  5. Hey Girls; Finally here are some of the pics taken by the resort photographer; Hope you enjoy.
  6. It's me again- back with some additional information! The bathroom situation is strange in some locations. I totally forgot to ask about this, which is very strange for me since I suffer from an intestinal condition and am always nervous about restroom situations. It turned out that we had to leave the Oceana restaurant and walk down a short path to use the restaurant at the Mexican restaurant, but it wasn't such a big deal. The Italian and French restaurants both have restrooms inside. But the SSG restroom is actually right outside of the building and we noticed that it was also being used by
  7. Taylorbabe- I had seen it online at fredlare.com, but we were lucky to enough to randomly just find it in a store in NYC. It was laying on the cake table the entire night, but I don't think anyone noticed it. When we took it took cut the cake everyone started cheering, they loved it. As you can see, we wanted to make the cake situation fun, the song we used was " sugar pie, honey bunch" went really well. dcairns- thanks so much, it was an emotional day, but by the time the wedding happened I couldn't stop smiling, I felt great. The truth of the matter is my best girlfriend came up and set up a
  8. here's an idea of the size of what they consider a 1 tier cake.
  9. dcairns- do not order extra cake, I repeat, do not order extra cake, the basic cake with one small tier on top fed my 41 guests and we gave cake to about 20 people in the lobby. Even after that there was still 1/2 of the bottom layer left. Trust me there is a lot of cake. It looks small in everyones pics, but it is actually a large cake.
  10. My wedding review: First meeting with Yanna: We met Yanna the day after we arrived. Thanks to Nancy and her hubby who met us the night before and gave us the low down about how their wedding was we already felt at ease. Yanna met us in the lobby, she had all of the paper work that was pertinent to the event, and some photo albums to show us. We reviewed a bunch of things with her. She showed us pictures of set ups of other weddings. She showed us pictures of flowers so that we could choose what suited us. Since I did want want to pay more for flowers than I expected, I just chose from what she
  11. Hi All, We are back from an incedible trip. I had an amazing 3 hour nap this afternoon, and hubby is asleep now, so I figured I would write my review. Travel/Transfer: We got lucky since we left before the holiday madness. Our flight was early in the morning, and it was a total breeze. Once we were through security, we shopped the duty free stores, hung out a bit and got on the plane. There were 14 of us flying from NY, so my aunt had taken it upon herself to make sandwiches for everyone, that was wonderful. The flight was just fine, we napped most of the way. Once we arrived in Santo Domingo
  12. MissTaken- if you stay in the Prefered buildings the wifi is included. You just get a slip from the Prefered Club concierge and go to the cafe where they give you a sign in code that is good for 10 hours. Once you use that up you just repeat the process again for 10 more free hours. There are computer stations in the cafe, and also 4 stations set up in the prefers club. The preferred club is open from 8:30am-11pm so it is very convenient. If you are staying in the regular rooms you have to pay for the wifi, if I remember correctly it was $4 usd for 10-15 minutes, or $60 usd for a week. We stay
  13. Hey girls, We are still here in DLR, having a wonderful time. The wedding was amazing! Will post my review in a few days when we are home and settled, have many things to tell about. I just looked at the last few posts and discussed with my hubby, the SSG terrace is very pretty, we have had lunch there a few times. But it is not very private. There are 3 restaurants right next to each other in this area. There is a bar too, but the bar serves as a hang out while people are waiting to get into dinner. In the evening it is very crowded in that area, people waiting to get dinner, people having dr
  14. Hi Ladies, Taking a break now, will be meeting everyone for thanksgiving dinner in a few hours. This place is amazing! I am so happy that we chose to come here. I am sure that Nancy will be posting her review before we get home, so you'll here all about it. I got to meet Nancy and her hubby the first night we were here, what a sweetheart. NANCY we heart you guys! Thank you for taking the time to sit and hang out with us, you and your husband are so cool, it was like sitting with old friends. The big day is in a few days. We are excited, and not worried at all. The resort is beautiful and the s
  15. Hey Girls, We are of to DLR tomorrow. Been packing the last few nights, word of advise, start packing 3 days before if you can. Our large suite case was overweight and I had to pack up yet another suite case. Oh well, everything is ready and waiting by the door. I will be meeting Nancy tomorrow, can't wait to hear how her wedding was. Wow can't believe that this is my last post before I go off to get married. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your planning,.. I hope to come back with lots of pictures and information to share. You all have been very helpful and inspiring to me. Thank yo
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