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  1. Hey, I decided how long I wanted to hire the DJ for, can not remember now exactly how much it was per hour (I could dig it out if you want) - i hired him from 7 to 11pm (dinner started at 6pm). We did bring some music in an ipod and he played some songs that we asked him to. During 6 to 7, they played some of the songs from our Ipod. In relation to the music that the DJ plays, there were different opinions, the Spanish side of the wedding loved it, as he played loads of Spanish music, salsa, reggaeton, etc....the Irish side of the wedding weren't that mad about it though.... I anticipated this was going to happen, thats why I brought a few English songs and the DJ was only happy to play what we asked him. He did play some of the old wedding classics as well..... As far as I remember the DJ did speak English, although as most of them it was more of a Spanglish kind of thing! I dont think it will be a problem getting him to introduce the speeches, plus so that you know either Pilar or one of the managers from the hotel will supervise the reception during dinner, so you could always get them to do it. i am sure if you ask Pilar by email, she will organize everything in advance, I have to say that she was veeery good. I agree with Josietoms, the Disco is not the best although after a few tequilas we ended up dancing every single night we were there. I did book the salon before I got there, my wedding was on Monday and it wasnt that busy but it does get busy over the weekend.
  2. Hello Ladies! I am just back from the Cat - got married there last week :-) Not much to add to what Josie said already, every thing was wonderful, the wedding day was fantastic. When I arrived to Mexico I got a bit worried because the Mexican way of doing things is very laid back and punctuality is not their best quality whatsoever, but you shouldnt worry because Pilar has every thing under control and in the wedding day everything worked brilliantly. My wedding was at 3.30, I got my hair done in the salon and I have to say I was veery happy with the results. I had a picture of the hair do I wanted and because I speak Spanish it was very easy for me to explain exactly what I wanted. The woman who did my hair was Lilia, she was really very good. My mom had other lady and it wasn't as good though. The prices were ridiculously cheap, think it was about 40 dollars for my hair and my pedicure! I did my own make up, they do not provide make up services in the hotel, although Lilia was saying that the reason is because they dont have the make up items but if you bring your own Lilia will do it for you. We hired Mariachis for the cocktail in the beach during the ceremony- they were awesome, every one loved them. I had the private reception too in the Pure chill out bar and it was worth every penny, it was nice to have the privacy. Also hired the DJ of the hotel for the reception and he was very good. We ended up in the disco which was great fun and finished the night on the beach having a few more drinks, it was a really good day :-) If you have any questions please ask....I wish was still in Mexico!
  3. Hey there, I am actually supposed to get married in the Catalonia in 5 weeks and my TA was just on to me now saying that there is some problems with our booking (45 people!!!) and is recommending me to change hotels and go to the GBP instead. They are checking as we speak to see if there is a availibility for the wedding itself.....freaking it out a bit in here, so I though might try you girls and see if anyone can pass me prices/info for a private reception, DJ, and cocktails?? my email is sara.baeza@bms.com, i dont have enough privilieges to download documents in the web :-(
  4. Thats actually quite nice 82 turtles, thanks for putting up the pcture....I am gonna email Elena and ask her about it.....I will let you know what she says
  5. Elena sent me prices for a Mariachi "band" for the ceremony, a bit dear, is 400 $ for 45 min....you can chose the songs you want them to play. To rent the sound equipment is 45$/h. 82turtles, I tried to PM re the bamboo structure but doesnt let me (?)....would you mind putting a picture here if you have the chance? thanks
  6. Thats greeat news! 82 turtles I am not mad about the tent neither..please share the info when you get it! In relation to the deposit I was just thinking the same....is a bit odd and they havent even asked me for a trip confirmation or anything neither. So far, the only thing I have paid for is the photographer.
  7. You are welcome The chill out bar will be ready at 6, or so I have been told and will be available till 11pm. I dunno what to do re the DJ neither, I want to have the DJ but not sure whether to get him for the 5 hours, so that we can use the equipment for the speeches or just get him since 7 or 8..... The tables (for the private reception) are rounded for 10 people, except the head table but I suppose you can ask them to re-arrange. I will probable have a seating chart since my guests are coming from Ireland and Spain and most of them have never met! Btw Josietoms. I see you are from the UK... I am living in Ireland and still have not booked the trip (starting to freak out now)!!! who did you get it with? think might work out better for us if we book from Madrid but I want to explore all the options!
  8. Elena had also sent me the prices for the ceremony packages but I deleted them by mistake arghh!!! I f it helps I remember that there was very little changes, the packages were the same that last year and the price was just slightly over, but not much. think Morgan put all the packages/prices in here so you can get a good idea. You can rent floral columns for the tent that can then be used as center pieces, the cost is 50$. And lastly, if the guest number is over 20, they will charge 12USD per person (on top of your ceremony price). This is to cover for the champagne, chairs and cake!
  9. I got the 2011 prices for the private reception in case any of you are also having one. See below. The price for the DJ is 100$ per hour. BUFFET STYLE DINNER “INTERNATIONAL 1†Cena Estilo Buffet “Internacional 1†SALAD BAR (6) / Barra de ensaladas COLD ENTRIES / Entradas frías CHEESE VARIETY, SEAFOOD COCKTAIL , VARIETY PATES (ESPEJO DE PATES), ROAST BEEF, SALAD BAR AND DECORATED TURKEY. Variedad de quesos, Cóctel de mariscos, Variedad de pates, Roast beef, Barra de ensaladas decoradas con pavo. SOUP /Sopa ESTRAGON MUSSELS CREAM / Crema de mejillones al estragón. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales SPAGUETTI (AL PESTO), SQUIDS (A LA VASCA), FISH FILLET (AL ENELDO), OVEN LEG PORK AND TURKEY SUPREME WITH RED PEPPERS. Spaguetti al pesto, Calamares a la vasca, Filete de pescado al eneldo, Pierna de cerdo y pavo horneado con pimientos rojos. GARNISHES / Guarnición GRATIN POTATOES, RICE WITH VEGETABLES FROM THE SEASON AND BOUQUETIERE VEGETABLES. Papas al horno gratinadas, Arroz con verduras de la estación y Verduras bouquetiere DESSERTS / Postres CHEESE CAKE, CHOCOLATE CAKE, FRUIT TARTALETTE, CARAMEL CUSTARD Pastel de queso, Pastel de chocolate, Tartaleta de fruta, Natilla. COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té 59 USD per person BUFFET STYLE DINNER “INTERNATIONAL 2†Cena Estilo buffet “Internacional 2†SALAD BAR / Barra de ensaladas LETTUCE VARIETY, CUCUMBER, TOMATO, PEPPERS SALAD, POTATOES SALAD, PALMITOS SALAD, CHICK-BEANS SALAD, BEANS SALAD, FISH “CEVICHEâ€, GUACAMOLE, CHICKEN SALAD, TUNA SALAD, HOUSE PATÉ. Variedad de lechuga, Pepinos, Tomate, Ensalada de pimientos, Ensalada de papa, Ensalada de palmitos, Ensalada de garbanzos, Ensalada de frijoles, Ceviche de pescado, Guacamole, Ensalada de pollo, Ensalada de atún, Paté de la casa. GARNISHES / Guarniciones GREEN OLIVES, PARSLEY, GARLIC FLAKES, GHERKINS AND LEMONS. Aceituna verde, Ajo picado, Pepinillos y Limones. DRESSING / Aderezos VINAIGRETTE, MIL ISLAS, ROQUEFORT, FRENCH, AURORA, CESAR DRESSING. Vinagreta, Mil islas, Roquefort, Frances, Aurora, Aderezo Cesar. SOUP /Sopa RED BEANS “POTAJE†(SOUP) / Potaje de alubias. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales CURRY RICE, MUSAKA EGIPCIANA (BEEF WITH EGGPLANT, ONION, TOMATO AND PARMESANO CHEESE), BIG POTATOES, BROUNOISE MIXTE VEGETABLES, FUSILLI A LA MARINERA (FUSILLI WITH SEAFOOD), BEEF FLANK IN ARANDANO SAUCE, STUFFED PORK LOIN IN IT´S JUICE, BREADED FISH FILLET, BEER TO CHICKEN, SHRIMP WITH NOPALES IN AJILLO SAUCE. Arroz al curry, Carne de res con berenjena, cebolla, tomate y queso parmesano, Papas, Brounise de vegetal mixto, Fusilli con mariscos, Arrachera en salsa de arandano, Lomo de Cerdo relleno en su jugo, Filete de pescado empanizado, Pollo a la cerveza, Camarones al ajillo con nopales SAUCES / SALSAS MEXICAN SAUCE, GREEN SAUCE, MOLCAJETE SAUCE Salsa mexicana, Salsa verde, Salsa molcajete DESSERTS / Postres MANGO MOUSE, LEMON PIE, CARROT CAKE, SELVA NEGRA (chocolate cake), CHEESE CAKE, MOCKA CAKE Mousse de Mango, Pay de limón, Pastel de zanahoria, Selva negra, Pastel de queso Pastel de moka. COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té 60 USD PER PERSON BUFFET STYLE DINNER “CARIBBEAN†Cena Estilo buffet “Caribeño “ SALAD BAR 1 / Barra de ensaladas 1 LETTUCE SALAD, ESCOLFADO TOMATO SALAD, ZUCCHINI WITH VINEGAR SALAD, CUCUMBER, LEMON AN CHILLI SALAD, GREEN BEANS AND BACON SALAD, ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT SALAD, SARDINE SALAD. Ensalada de lechugas tiernas, Ensalada de tomate escalfado, Ensalada de calabacita, Ensalada de pepino con limón y chile piquen, Ensalada de ejotes con tocino, Ensalada de toronja y naranja, Ensalada de sardina SALAD BAR 2 / Barra de ensaladas 2 FIISH CEVICHE, SHRIMP COCKTAIL, MUSSELS IN VENAIGRETTE, OCTUPUS IN ESCABECHE. Ceviche de pescado, Cóctel de camarón, Mejillones a al vinagreta, Pulpo en escabeche. COLD CUTS AND CHEESES BAR / Barra de Carnes frías y quesos AHUMADO SALMON, SERRANO CURED HAM, TERRINA FISHED, VARIETY OF CHEESES WITH GRAPES Salmón ahumado, Jamón serrano, Terrina de pescado, Quesos variados con uva GARNISHES / Guarniciones. GHERKINS, GREEN OLIVES, GARLIC FLAKES, BLACK OLIVES, ONIONS. Pepinillos, Cebolla cambray, Aceitunas verdes, Alcaparras, Aceituna negra y Ajo picado. DRESSINGS / Aderezos VINAIGRETTE, MIL ISLAS, ROQUEFORT, FRENCH, AURORA, CESAR DRESSING. Vinagreta, Mil islas, Roquefort, Frances, Aurora, Aderezo Cesar. SOUP / Sopa SHRIMP CREAM WITH SHERRY. Crema de camarones al jerez. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales BLACK RICE WITH SEAFOOD, YUCA WITH GARLIC, ZUCCHINI MASHED, VICHY CARROT WITH HONEY AND ROSEMARY, SEAFOOD STUFFED CHICKEN IN TAMARIND SAUCE, BREADED SHRIMP TO COCONUT, STUFFED PORK LOIN IN PLUM SAUCE, FISH FILLET “TIKIN-XICâ€, SALMON KABOBS TO MENIER Arroz negro con marisco, Yuca con mojo de ajo, Puré de calabaza, Zanahoria Vichy con miel al romero, Suprema de pollo relleno de marisco con salsa de tamarindo, Camarones empanizados al coco, Lomo de cerdo en salsa de ciruela, Filete de pescado Tikin-xic, Brocheta de salmón al menier. DESSERTS / Postres MANGO MOUSE, FRUITS HOJALDRE, APPLE STRUDELL, PINEAPPLE PIE, ORANGE PIE, COCONUT CAKE, CARAMEL FLAN, CHOCOLATE CAKE Mousse de mango, Hojaldre con frutas, Strudel de manzana, Pay de piña, Pay de naranja, Pastel de coco, Flan de caramelo, Pastel de chocolate COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té 66 USD PER PERSON BUFFET STYLE DINNER “ SPAIN †Cena Estilo buffet “ España “ ENTRIES / Entradas ANDANZA SALAD WITH TOMATO, TUNA, PEPPERS AND OLIVES, SOUTH ANDRES SALAD WITH CABBAGE, ARTICHOKE, PINEAPPLE, TOMATO AND CORN SPANISH TORTILLA WITH POTATO AND CHORIZO SAUSAGE CATALANA SALAD WITH HAM , SNAP PEAS, RED PEPPERS AND POTATO SALAD WITH CABBAGE PINEAPPLE, ORANGE AND RAISINS Ensalada Andanza con Tomate, Pimientos y Aceitunas Ensalada Andres del sur con col, alcachofas, piña, tomate y elote Tortilla española con papa y chorizo Ensalada Catalana con jamón, chicharos, pimientos rojos y papas. Ensalada de col, piña, naranja y pasas. SOUP / Sopa VEGETABLE SOUP WITH SHERRY LIQUOR Sopa de verduras con licor de jerez. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales VALENCIANA PAELLA, FISH FILLET IN A PARSLEY, WINE AND CAPER SAUCE LEG OF LAMB IN SPANISH SAUCE WITH OLIVES, CHICKEN IN GARLIC SAUCE, RAGOUT CATALANA, GARLIC POTATOES, AUBERGINE, BROCOLI IN CREAM SAUCE Paella Valenciana, Filete de pescado acompañado de una salsa de perejil, vino y alcaparras. Pierna de cordero en salsa española con aceitunas, Pollo en salsa de ajo Ragout catalana, Papas al ajo, berenjena, salseado con una crema de broccoli. DESSERTS / Postres COLD MILK, ICE CREAM OF PISTACHE AND CHOCOLATE, NUTS CAKE, FLAMED BANANA AND TROPICAL FRUITS Leche fría, Helado de pistache y chocolate, Pastel de nuez, Plátanos fritos, Fruta variada. COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té 58 USD per person BUFFET STYLE DINNER “ MEXICO †Cena Estilo buffet “ Mexico “ ENTRIES / Entradas WHITE BEAN SALAD, BEAN SALAD WITH BACON, CORN SALAD WITH MEXICAN SALAD, TOMATO SALAD, SEAFOOD COCKTAIL, GUACAMOLE Ensalada Blanca de habas, Ensalada de habas con tocino, Ensalada de elote acompañada de ensalada mexicana. Ensalada de Tomate, Cóctel de mariscos, Guacamole SOUP / Sopa TORTILLA SOUP Sopa de tortilla. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales CHICKEN TOSTADAS, POTATOES WITH CHORIZO SAUSAGE, MIXED FAJITAS, FISH DRENCHED IN GARLIC, CORIANDER SHRIMP, CHICKEN IN RED MOLE SAUCE Tostadas de pollo, Papas con chorizo, Fajitas Mixtas Pescado al mojo de ajo, Camarones “Corianderâ€, Mole rojo con pollo. SIDE DISHES/ Guarnición MIXED VEGETABLES, MEXICAN RICE, REFRIED BEANS Verduras mixtas, Arroz a la mexicana, Frijoles refritos. SAUCES / SALSAS RANCH SAUCE, MEXICAN SAUCE, GREEN SAUCE, TOTOPOS Salsa Ranch, Salsa mexicana, Salsa verde, Totopos. DESSERTS / Postres RICE MILK PUDDING, MANGO MOUSSE, THREE MILK CAKE, COCONUT FLAN, TROPICAL FRUIT Pudding de arroz, Mousse de mango, Pastel de tres leches, Flan de coco. Fruta Variada. COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té CAFÉ DE OLLA Café de olla. 59 USD per person BUFFET STYLE DINNER “ GRILL †Cena Estilo buffet “ Grill “ ENTRIES / Entradas TOMATO, ADVOCADO, LETTUCE, CHEESE BOARD AND THREE DRESSINGS Tomate, Aguacate, Lechuga, Barra de quesos y 3 aderezos. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN Pollo en salsa B.B.Q. NEW YORK PORK CHOP RIB EYE FISH FILLET Filete de pescado SIDE DISHES/ Guarniciones PILAF RICE, GARLIC PASTA, JACKET POTATOES, MIXED VEGETABLES Arroz Pilaf, Pasta al ajo, Papas rellenas, Verduras mixtas. SAUCES / SALSAS RANCH, MEXICAN, AND BBQ SAUCE Salsa Ranch, Mexicana y B.B.Q. DESSERTS / Postres CHOCOLATE CAKE, FRUIT TART, TROPICAL FRUITS, CARAMEL AND NUT FLAN Pastel de chocolate, Tarta de fruta, Frutas tropicales, Flan de caramelo y nuez. COFFEE OR TEA Café y/o Té 62 USD per person NOTES Prices per person in USD include service and taxes, Drinks from the bar and house wine. Deadline for payment 2 days before the event. Private reception dinner available for a minimum of 15 people. All dinners are buffet style. Prices include the rent of “Pure Chill out Bar†as a private place with special wedding decorations. Rounded tables of 10 people each.
  10. Hi 82turtles, I have been in contact with Elena the WC lately, her email adress is[rivieramaya.guestservice@hoteles-catalonia.es] I am also waiting for the pricing list, she told me that should be availadble in the next couple of weeks - I can post it here if you want when I get it. I also enquired about the tent and as far as I know is the only option....
  11. Hi there, I have been in contac with the WC (Elena) lately...her email address is rivieramaya.guestservice@hoteles-catalonia.es I am also waiting to receive the pricing list for 2011 - she mentioned that is still not available. All I got from her was the wedding packages that are on the web. I believe the tent is the only option....
  12. Hello Ladies, I am new in this forum although have been reading your post for a while, in fact I would have been sooo lost if it wasnt for all of you . I am getting married in the Catalonia in Feb 2011 - cant wait now. I am trying to decide whether to do a legal or simbolic ceremony. I see that some of you have done the simbolic - can you tell what is it about, how long it goes for, does it look like a legal or "real" ceremony? Â Â
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