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  1. Yea I believe a tower has 6-7 lights. I would highly suggest getting the lights. It made a huge difference. I added them at the last mintue.
  2. Thanks Brooke! You would love her. She has so much energy and was great to have. All of our family was super impressed with how many photos she took. I can't wait to see your pictures when you get back!
  3. I really didn't want to go through the planning of using an outside vendor. I didn't think it was necessary. You really do not need that many decorations. The resort is so beautiful. I would not spend a ton of money on decorations.
  4. No, I ordered them through the resort. They put them up and everything. I really didnt have any room in my suitcase to add any more stuff for the wedding. The main stuff I took with me was the chair sashes and table linens and welcome bag.
  5. We used the Caribean because of the reviews I saw on here. It was a ton of food and very good. We used the resort for the centerpieces and lanteens. We ended up adding the lanteens last mintue and I'm glad I did we bought 7 at $10/piece and they ended up putting out 8 of them. I would suggest to have them because it makes the pictures turn out and so your guests aren't eatting in the dark!
  6. The one thing that I didn't want to cut short was my photos. I didn't care about the little details but, I really wanted them for every detail of the wedding. I added the all day package which I think was well worth it. All my family was impressed by everything they did from organizing our photos to capturing every moment. I would suggest to add a package if you want to make sure you have photos. We ended up buying about 600 pictures! They were all good.
  7. Our ceremony was at 4:00. We didn't use any outside vendors. I really didn't think it would be necessary. We just went through the resort for everything and it made it that much easier. I just told her I wanted to upgrade my cake and I choose from one of the upgrades she sent me. The whole planning was very easy and was the wedding was a blast!
  8. Hi All! I got married March 7th! The resort is beautiful. All I can say is trust them they know what they are doing. I will write a full review later this week but, I just wanted to send over my slideshow so you can see my pictures. My wedding coordinator was Veronica. She was amazing to work with and easy going. I got to work with Anel at Adventure Photos who works at the resort. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. If you are getting married at Dreams I highly suggest to work with Anel!! Not only are her pictures good she is amazing to work with. She has so much energy and really made our day fun. If you want to email me questions my email is byers.ashley@gmail.com our wedding slideshow http://070311byers.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/slideshow/
  9. We are here in Mexico! We got here on Wednesday the resort is beautiful. I will post a full review when I get back. Our wedding is tomorrow. I can honestly say that I am not stressed at all. I really feel like they know what they are doing. Future brides have no worries. I will answer any an all questions when we return.!!!
  10. Does anyone know how Anel is at Adventure Photos? That is who just emailed me who is going to be taking our pictures.
  11. They told me I had to select a package which I do not understand because I bought the Ultimate package. I ended up having to buy the one day for $999
  12. Hey Stoff.. So Veronica has been emailing me like crazy the past couple days probably because, I'm leaving soon. I also got quoted at 100/ for the bridesmaid flowers. If you are emailing I suggest to put your date in the title line. That is what she suggested me to do. Obviously they take the brides that are getting married sooner first.
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