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  1. Hi there, I got enough for the ceremony, and they will move the chairs and/or the bows to the reception after. I got the chair bows, table runners, table overlays and napkins from http://www.weddinglinensdirect.com/ I was a little weary about ordering them online without seeing the quality and everything, but they turned out to be perfect. compact and cheap! I couldn't ask for much more!
  2. Hi there, I did not have to pay extra for my bouquet. I paid $70 for each additional bouquet that I got for each of my bridesmaids though. I sent Ana a picture via email a few weeks before the wedding so that she knew what I wanted my bouquet to look like and she did a great job of making it a reality! I didn't like many of the options that the resort had either, which is why it might be easier to just find a google image and send it to them! They'll do a great job!
  3. Hi there, I got the guys shirts from an outlet store at Dixie Outlet Mall in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, called Mexx. They were on sale (Clearance actually) so I got lucky that they had my colour there and all of the sizes worked out for our guys.
  4. We flew our photographer in from Canada (Newfoundland to be specific). His name is Chris Crockwell ... he has a website you could check out. He was awesome and great to work with ... and for the work that he does while he is away, he is well worth the cost that he charges!
  5. The bronze chairs are an extra charge ... the free options are either the white garden chairs or the banquet chairs that are covered with white seat covers .... I really liked the bamboo looking chairs, but the extra cost wasn't worth it for me ...
  6. Hi Emily ... It was an "Impressions" dress ... not sure of the style number though! Good Luck!
  7. My hair is actually a bit shorter. I had extensions clipped in to my hair to extend the length. The hair stylist that I had was very good and she assured me that she would make sure that my hair stayed well considering the humidity and wind in Mexico and she was absolutely right. She knew what to do with my hair and they hair-sprayed the crap out of it so that it didn't move! I brought my own hairspray from home, but it probably wasn't necessary because they have pretty good stuff at the resort.
  8. The beer was served in cans ... the only bottles that they have are the ones that are in the mini-fridges - and those are the little bottles (Coronitas)
  9. I have been meaning to post pictures from the wedding but it has been quite hectic ever since we've come home! Everything was perfect, and I loved every moment of it. I would do it all over again tomorrow if I was given the opportunity to! Here is a link to our facebook album of our wedding week (any pictures taken throughout the week, but not on the wedding day): http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2649016&id=58000397&l=4a56a64bce Here is a link to our facebook album of our actual wedding (ceremony, reception etc.) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2649018&id=58000397&l=e6b0d1db97 Hopefully that works! Happy weddings! Melissa
  10. I was charged $70.00 for each of my bridesmaids bouquets and they were GORGEOUS .... they were much bigger than I had ever anticipated and had many different varieties of colours. If you provide a picture for your wedding coordinator she should be able to get a more accurate quote on your flowers based on the availability and the season
  11. I wanted to upload some of our professional photos from the wedding. Hopefully this works. If it does, then I will post more! I can't stress enough how little you should worry about anything! They will take care of it and everything will be beautiful!
  12. It is expensive to have open bar at your reception/cocktail hour. I had 51 guests and the resort charged me just under $8000 for the entire thing. I justified this by saying that I would have spent waaaaaay more than that if I had the wedding at home! The problem with walking to the bar is that all of the ones that are near the pool deck/beach close at 6. Walking to the lobby is quite a trek. You would have to change the location of your reception to somewhere closer to the lobby ... but I am not sure where you could do it, I am sure that your wedding coordinator could suggest something. Our reception ended at 9, and our party moved to desires and had a great time! Hope it works out!
  13. 1537 did not have a plunge pool. THe only rooms that have a plunge pool are the ones that are on the ground floor. 1537 was on the 5th floor. Many of the rooms had a jacuzzi on the balcony though .... ours unfortunately didn't, but almost everyone in our party had a jacuzzi in their room and on the balcony! I would put all of your questions in one email and number them. The wedding coordinator will get back to you with answers whenever they get a chance (Don't expect it to be right away!). I didn't start talking regularly with the wedding coordinator until about 2-3 weeks before the wedding ... If I had to do it again, I would just wait until I got there!
  14. The weather is warm during the day - 25-29 degrees celsius, but you will need a sweater/pants at night because it does get quite chilly.
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