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  1. Hiya hun at 4:30 on wed 5th we get married. We fly out on 27th 2 wks tomoz x x x
  2. Hi all I'm defiantly takin my dress on board with me just buy the right size case they don't know what's in it.. I ordered my dress in jan so 9 months b4 the wedding it came in store in April so pretty quick. We booked our holiday & wedding with Thomas cook an have 20kg extra. Thanks nicy for my lucky sixpence!!! An my first card! 18 sleeps til we leave going getting my tickets tomoz. Xx
  3. Hiya I have booked my wedding an holiday wit Thomas cook we have 20kg each 10kg for baby an 20kg extra for wedding attire. I'm carrying my dress in my hand luggage the shop is packing it for me as long as the measurement for your case or box is 19 inch by 11inch by 9 I think it is. X
  4. Aw thanks I think ill just stick with that then my WC said I dont nd nothin legalized or translated so I think ill listen to her Went for my final fitting everything is perfect ready for collection the day before we leave x
  5. Aw thank you! Did you get your birth cert legalised by sending it to FCO in Milton Keynes yeah were leaving our house at 5:15! Not looking forward to it!!
  6. Hiya ladies! Not been on here for soooo long! Went for my first fitting last wk absolutly loved seeing my dress in White!! Fitted perfectly, got a call today my bridesmaid dresses are in, men all sorted to, I leave in 26 days!!!!!!!! An I'm starting to stress!! Has anyone been told by WC to just bring passport birth cert an tourist card an they don't need anything translated???? Did you still get birth cert legalised here in the uk before hand ????
  7. Hiya Hun we fly out on the 27th sept an get married on the 5th oct xx
  8. Hi every1 not been on here in a while, Got my 1st fitting this month I'm leavin it as late as possible as I'm hoping to loose a bit more weight! Goin for my shoes & underwear Thursday, we have picked our rings hopefully get them this week, also getting the men sorted we have finally decided on light grey trouser White shirt waistcoat an turquoise tie/cravat. I had my hen night Saturday just went to Liverpool there was about 23 of us was fab although I couldn't relax as my son didn't settle at my Sis so my hubby to be had to go get him, he was up for work at 4 which meant I had to get up! So wasn't really drunk! 8 wks today til we fly 9 wks tomoz we get married! Getting excited now!!!!
  9. hi everyone.. we fly out on the 27th sept 11 wks tues i think. actually get married 5th oct. we just need our full english birth certificate tourist cards an passports. we have decided on light grey suits finally with white shirt, white waistcoat with turquoise tie. decided on my shoes, pair from dune in silver lush reduced to 48.50, going for the new wonderbra for my dress i think. my first fitting sometime this month so excited cant wait see my dress in white. xxx
  10. hello ladies ive not had my internet for a few wks due to moving big congratulations to all of you who have got married! photos look fantastic! going for my 1st fitting in july i need to book a date. bridesmaids dresses orderd they are due in 10 days b4 we leave! talk about cutting it fine! having trouble with what the fellas are wearing, think were opting for light grey pants white shirt then hire waistcoat & cravat white and turquiose, we were going for whits suits but its not happening can only find beige/cream. we also picked our wedding rings just got to order them now x x x 15 wks yday til we fly
  11. hiya lyndsey have a fabulous time! bet your so excited. have fun & enjoy it. x x
  12. hiya nicy hope you have a fabulous holiday & perfect dream wedding cant wait to see your photos. ENJOY IT! xxx
  13. if the 2nd dress makes you feel special/princess it may be the 1. i felt like that in mine an i was comparing everythin to it!
  14. both dressesare nice but i love the 1st one. i had 2 dresses one was a princess dress which i didnt even want to try on! but made you feel special. an the 1st dressi saw tried on i loved an flattered my figure an was what i wanted. i tried them both on about 5 times an i went for the second 1 its my profile picture on here.
  15. ooh im not to sure about that! from some photos ive seen the bride has both rings on, but maybe they put it on after the ceromony?
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