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  1. Hi Brenners, I got married on April 29th and I still have not put up my review. I have been so busy! Anyway, I want to help all upcoming brides anyway I can so ask me anything =) To answer your questions, my reception started at 7pm (after a 6-7 cocktail hour) and ended at 12am. The party was kinda winding down since we had a long day that it didn't seem like the staff was kicking us out. They were all SO nice and amazing for the entire reception it was unreal! The staff takes care of everything and they keep all of your stuff in their office. I got with my coordinator the next day or day after and picked up all of my stuff. Oh and they set EVERYTHING up for the wedding as well but you can have someone there if you want to make sure it's all going in the right place =) Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you, I am happy to help!
  2. Okay girls!! I am getting married April 29th...two weeks from today!! I am so excited and so nervous! I have not heard back from my wedding planner Victoria yet so I am hoping I have chairs rented and everything is good to go got that day! Fingers crossed! Does anyone have any advise for me before I go? Any tips from former brides? It would be greatly appreciated! I do have a couple of questions that maybe you girls can answer for me...... 1. I am bringing cocktail umbrellas for the name cards... does anyone know if they can supply something that I can put sand in to make the umbrellas stand up? 2. I would like a lot of tealights and votive candles throughout the reception on all the tables.. do they supply these or should I bring them? Might be pretty heavy to bring with me so I would prefer not to. 3. I am bringing flip flops for everyone for the reception and little wands for the ceremony... do they supply baskets or something that I can put them in? It's going to be really hard to bring this so I hope they have something. Please let me know girls, thanks soooooo much =) 31 People Booked! Barcelo Maya Palace, April 29th 2011- Our Knots will be Tied =)
  3. Thanks for the info! I would like to check into this place, would you mind giving me the contact info? Thanks so much =)
  4. Question.... I asked my coordinator for a quote on the tiffany chairs to rent and she said it's 7.00 a chair which is the same here where I live but then the quote also added in a $250 fee for transportation and set up. We do not have that fee... the $7 a chair includes everything so I am just wondering if anyone else has rented these chairs and had this extra fee. I expected to pay tax but not an extra $250 on top of that! All these extra fees they keep slipping in really add up =(
  5. Yes DJ Mannia does count the dinner hour as one of the hours. I think the prices are pretty reasonable and renting the dance floor is cheaper too. Barcelo is $1280 and DJ Mannia charges $550 for the biggest light-up dance floor that they have.
  6. The $1208 is for the light-up dance floor. Then you have to pay $610 for two hours and $150 per hour after that for the resort DJ. I am hiring DJ Mannia. I spoke to my coordinator and she said I do not have to pay additional fees to have him. At first she tried to say that I would have to pay $100 fee per hour but then I emailed her and said who the DJ was and she said I didn't have to pay an additional fee. I would email your coordinator and find out. I think he may need to bring a generator with him. It's $100 for 4 hours if so. Hope this helps!
  7. Hello Girls! So I just emailed my coordinator Victoria about bringing an outside Dj (Dj Mannia) and she told me that we would have to pay $100 per hour to have him. Has anyone else heard about this? I think this is crazy to charge this amount of money to bring a Dj. Let me know, thanks! Also does anyone know if there is a fee for bringing in a florist? Does anyone have any suggestions of who I should look into? Do any of you have pictures or any information on the florist that Barcelo provides? I have never been to the resort so I am just going off of pictures... can anyone tell me where I should say I would like my reception (on the beach)? I think think there are a few different spots I can choose correct... does anyone have pictures of these different areas? Please let me know on all this, I can use all the help I can get... I am getting married at the end of April, it's coming sooo fast! EEKKKK! Thanks girls, happy planning to all
  8. Hi Angelina, I cannot open your links to the centerpieces and bouquets. Would you mind emailing them to me when you get a chance? My email is silvajen@gmail.com. THANKS! How exciting that your wedding is so close! Good luck with everything :-) Let us know how everything goes when you get back! CENTER PEACES.pdf BOUQUET 1.pdf BOUQUET 2.pdf
  9. Hey girls! I need some help... how is everyone booking their rooms? Are you going straight to the hotel?? I am having a hard time with this. Did you WC help you? I need to book asap to confirm my wedding date but don't know if I should go straight to the hotel and book a flight separate or if I should book a package deal Any help you can give would be great! Thanks girls :-)
  10. Okay girls... I need some help! Can anyone email me the menu options? ( obichick7317@gmail.com) Also I need to get a DJ and don't even know where to start?! I haven't picked a photographer or a videographer and would love some suggestions :-) Any little bit will help, thanks so much!
  11. Hello All! I think I have made my decision on the Barcelo Palace.... any tips on how I can get this process moving? Anything I should know? We are shooting for April 2011... not sure about the weather though... any ideas when the best weather is in Riveria Maya? Thanks :-)

    Pros: Unique, Talented, Amazing!
    Cons: Took 11 weeks to get the video
    Our wedding was BY FAR more than we imagined! Jerry did such a great job capturing all of the special moments and we couldn't be happier! I would recommend them in a heartbeat.... Yes it was a long wait for the video since we were so anxious to see it but it was defnitely worth the wait =) Thank you Jerry for being AMAZING at what you do!!!
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