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    Hi, I've confirmed our wedding date for April 20, 2011 at the Barcelo Maya Tropical.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ashfrylund I dont know if you have photography all figured out but i am flying mine in and you could probably get a great deal since youre there at the same time! Hope they get back to you about the booking soon, i know how stressful it can be- but they really are great~!!! Hi, I havent thought a lot about a photographer yet. I checked out the photos from the site, they are beautiful. I would love to have someone come in to take photos, but I dont want to spend too much on them. What kind of quote did you get back from them? If your wedding is on April 15, and mine is April 20, that's a long time for them to be at the resort as well. Do they normally stay for an extended time, or do they just stay for a couple of days for the wedding? Thanks,lilly
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by mexico_2011 YAY! We booked our ceremony and reception locations!! I'm so excited, it feels so good to have a decision made. We are having our ceremony at Coral Beach (which we have to pay $15 extra per person to have it there because we are staying at the Colonial) But thats ok because I really want to have it there. We are having our reception at Playa Azul - so right on the beach, woo hoo! Melanie Hi Melanie, That's great that you have your reception and ceremony site booked already. We have our wedding date set for April 20, just getting the resort booked now. I see that you're paying extra for the ceremony at Coral Beach? Was the gazebo at the Palace an option as well? We'll be staying at the Tropical and I’ve read that the Gazebo is only available to those staying at the Palace. Also, did you have options for your reception site? I read that it's in the Banquet hall, but I’ve seen pictures of people who had it at one of the beach front grills? I’d love to know what kind of options are available to us, so I know what to ask for. Lilly
  4. Thanks so much! Once the date is set and the resort is booked I'll stop worrying so much. The rest will just fall into place. I'm pretty relaxed about the whole wedding, I only wish she would email me to confirm my date.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by diamondpooch Good luck Barbara! Don't stress out too much! those women down there can organize your entire wedding in a couple hours when you meet them upon arrival! Cara, your siggy pic is awesome! Hi! I see you're getting married on April 30. I'm waiting for my email back from Victoria confirming our date, April 20. Did you have to wait long? Did you have to call again? We want to start booking, but I'm worried about the wedding date. Thanks, Lilly
  6. Hi! I'm just trying to get my wedding date set and resort booked. I called on Tuesday and spoke with Victoria. She told me to email the bride and grooms names and that she would repley confirming the date and time. Everyone's getting anxious to start booking. Is this the usual process? I know it takes a while for them to respond, but I'm worried that I'll loose my date. Any suggestions?? Lilly
  7. This is a review of:

    Barcelo Maya Tropical

    The Barcelo provides the best in destinaioon weddings

    We just got back from our wedding at the Barceló Maya Tropical, Riviera Maya, Mexico, and it was the most amazing experience ever!!!  Everything positive that you read about this resort, the wedding coordinators and the overall experience is completely true, it was the best week ever and we wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. The resort itself is above average in every aspect. The service was exceptional. The food was fantastic. It was sunny during our entire trip.  The activities around the resort were plentiful.  I do not have anything bad to say about this place, only positive comments from the other 17 people who traveled with us for our wedding.  This is a huge resort, and there is a lot of walking from place to place, but every step is filled with beautiful scenery.  The beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. There are many varieties of fish at the dock so bring a snorkel and fins! The wedding day was perfect. We had our massage at 9am, then hair appointments at 11am at the palace.  They did a wonderful job on my hair, just how I wanted it. They really took the time to make sure they were doing what I wanted, so bring some pictures from home! We decided to go with an outside photographer and had to pay the $300 extra to Kodak to bring in an outside vendor. This was definitely worth it! Cesar representing Vanessa Vargas was wonderful! He took the time to get so many shots of us around the resort. He was so friendly and kind, and did not rush us at all. After 6pm when our session was over, he was walking through a different section of the resort and had to come back to get us to take more photos because of the beautiful locations he saw. I cannot wait to see the final photos!!!  The ceremony was perfect as well. Victoria picked up myself and my two bridesmaids just before 3pm, so everything was running exactly on time. The justice of the peace was so kind and added just a little humour to the ceremony to lighten the mood. He was perfect! The location was set up beautifully, overlooking the ocean. The violin music was beautiful.  After the ceremony we took endless photos with our photographer.  The reception was perfect as well. The Barceló Maya Convention centre is huge! When myself and my two bridesmaids walked into the building we were at a bit of a loss, however, we quickly found our room with the blue martins! An amazing little detail that I didn’t know about but it brought a smile to my face as soon as I saw everyone holding them.  The food was perfect as well. Sea Scallop salad, lime soup with lime, and beef tenderloin, all of it was just delicious!  We only had the room for 3 hours, but they didn’t usher us out at the end of our time.  The bar stayed open for an extra 30mins, and then the head server just let the room know that the bar would be closing at 10 if people wanted to get another drink, but we could stay in the room if we desired. Overall I would recommend this resort to anyone looking for a top notch wedding resort. Amazing location and the best team to pull of the most stress free wedding of your life!!!