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  1. I am doing oot bags for my daughter that is getting married at Dreams Punta Cana, I want to attach tags to the bags but I am having a difficult time on what to put on them... do I say it is from my husband and I, daughter does not live near us so she has not seen anything that I have put together but knows I did something. Any ideas what I should put on the tags.....this something that I wanted to do for the guests that are attending. Please any ideas we fly out on Feb 20th and her wedding is Feb 24.

  2. Just  a quick question, when checking bags through customs does it matter if your wedding week survival kit is already individually bagged, and all your oot bags are put together. These bags are being checked and not brought on the plane. Hubby is freaking out that something or someone will say something because it looks like I will be bringing at least 20 oot bags with us-which includes bubba mugs for everyone. This is for our daughters wedding - we are going to havae to bring 2 extra suitcases with us. Thanks for any replies

  3. I am doing oot bags for my daughters wedding, I have a question when putting your survival kit together ie immodium,pepto,advil is it alright to make pkgs and put together with oot bags.All the meds are sealed and labled but the pepto I am putting a sleave from the box and wondering if you get a hassle if not in originale box.The oot bags will be going with checked luggage.So do you get hassled when checking through Punat Cana airports. I would hate to lose all the work and money put into them.Thanks for replys.


































































































































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