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  1. Hi Ladies, I am having the hardest time wording these invitations so that everyone knows that this IS the AHR and not just another engage. party or shower. Any ideas?????
  2. Hi ladies! We are trying to decide between DRC and Azul Sensatori. My main concern is the location options for the ceremony/recept. Is anyone planning to marry somewhere other than the wedding gazebo on the beach? I've read about the beachfront casita, but haven't been able to find any pictures of it. Also, the ultimate package includes a dinner for 20- do you know if that's held in one of the restaurants or can you do a garden or terrace elsewhere on the grounds? Any info and pictures would be awesome- THANK YOU!!
  3. Hey guys, I am planning my sister's wedding and we are having trouble finding the right resort. We do not want the ceremony or reception directly in the sand. Hoping for maybe a gazebo wedding, and then garden or terrace recept that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, but not cheapo either. We were going with the Gran Port due to the kids, proximity to town, and all inclusive, but you have to have your recept in a ballroom or the sand. BUT their wedding packages are such a good value- you get SOOOO much included that a lot of other venues charge extra for- namely the reception, dance floor, flowers, etc. Ovious choice would be the Royal, but my sister really wants to keep the fam together, so since I have a little one- we can't do adults only. Any help would be so appreciated Also- of those that are doing the reception in the sand- what about guests wearing high-heels? Or does your venue offer some sort of "floor"? Just wondering how other people are doing it- THANK YOU!
  4. Hello, I am planning my baby sister's wedding and am so looking forward to getting to know the other brides on here. I had a large traditional wedding, so we are shooting for something much smaller scale in Playa del Carmen or close by. Congratulations to all!