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  1. Hello girls, Dreams resort was amazing, very friendly staff, great food and lots of fun! Yanna is awesome, we should her pictures of how we would like everything to look and she did an amazing job to replicate everything from the gazebo décor, to the reception setup, the flowers and the cake! We were very pleased. Elke also did a great job with reading our script. I got my hair done at the spa, although it didn’t turn out exactly how I would’ve liked, Maria did her best and did a good job, the makeup on the other hand I decided to do myself as there was a language barrier even though I showed her photos etc. Wedding day, it rained in the afternoon so we were a bit worried, there were dark clouds on one side and sun on the other but everything turned out great, the rain kept missing us all day. We did feel rushed however with our photo shoot with HDC and were disappointed that Arnaud was not our photographer as we requested. We ran into some problems with both the resort photographer and HDC as both have told us that we would get our photos before we leave and this did not happen. In the end instead of having our photos printed from Tropical Pictures they gave us a cd with all of our photos on it and we received the photos from HDC a week later. The cocktail hour and reception were great, everyone loved the food and it was way better then what they serve at the restaurants. Our cake turned out so cute, exactly how we wanted it. We didn’t get a chance to eat it that night so we had it the next night at the world café and left it there for guests and staff to finish. After dinner we went to party on the beach, we brought our own liquor, games and prizes and everyone had an awesome time and later we headed over to the disco. Over all, everyone had a great week and wish we were still there! Any questions, ask away! I put a slideshow together with some of our wedding photos from Tropical Pictures, HDC and a couple of my own … enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRpTlzilPVU
  2. Hello girls, We will be arriving at Dreams in 5 days, we cannot wait!!! I hope that the weather will be perfect and the wedding will be beautiful and stress free, fingers crossed! I will post lots of pix and a review as soon as I get back .... I hope everyone's planning is going good! amurka - love the shoes!!! Take Care Ewa
  3. Dreams posted this on their facebook page last night
  4. Hey girls, I got e-mails both from Tiara and Yanna and the photography is not problem anymore Also Dreams had posted this Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa We understand there has been some confusion over our wedding photography policy so we wanted to provide some information on the recent change. Similar to many other wedding venues, we recently selected a new preferred vendor for our in-house photographer. Tropical Pictures is a reputable photography company that we trust will capture beautiful images of weddings and other photo sessions at our resort. Although there has been some speculation, this change does not impact a bride and groom’s ability to select an outside vendor for their wedding photography. Both local and foreign photographers are permitted to take photos on our property if hired by a bride and groom or their family. Additionally, there is no charge to bring an outside photographer on our property for the day to take photos of a wedding. We know that photography is an important part of any wedding day and want to be sure each bride and groom feels comfortable with their decision, regardless of who they select as a photography vendor. Our wedding coordinator will be happy to guide you through the process to make sure that you are making the right choice for your wedding day. We hope this information helps our fans and future brides and grooms gain a better understanding of our policy regarding wedding photography. So everyone can still have HDC at their wedding!!!! CONGRATS latinblond can't wait for more pix and the review! xoxox
  5. Hey Dana, We are in the same boat 3 weeks till the wedding and we get this letter? That's crazy! We booked Arnaud 6 months ago, I really hope they will honor all of our contracts! We really don't need this kind of stress right now. Arnaud said that he e-mailed Tiara a list of all of us who booked him but I'm waiting to hear from Yanna about all of this. Let me know if you ladies hear anything from the wedding coordinators and I will do the same. I'm trying to stay positive but its a bit much, all these price changes since we booked, Tiara not being there and now this with the photographers and on top of all of this our airlines keep changing the flight times on us. Maybe I'm over reacting... but I really hope that are no more surprises waiting for us. I'm sure that once we land and have a few drinks all the stress will go away and we will have a great time. Wish you ladies all the best! xoxox
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  7. Right now there is 16 of us going, some people to had to cancel and some said they will book last minute, so we shall see. The most important people to us will be there so that's all that matters I had a feeling that something was wrong with Tiara, I hope that she gets better soon! Thanks amurka, no worries I will let you ladies know how everything went and will posts lots of pix
  8. I was wondering that myself about Tiara, she usually doesn't take that long to respond, and especially now since our wedding is in 6 weeks. I hope we all hear from her soon! I am in the same boat as you, my suitcase has been laying around on the floor for a couple of weeks now and its pretty full lol
  9. Thanks amurka! The legal ceremony was pretty quick but still sweet and everything went smoothly. I thought I would be nervous but turned out that both of us were pretty relaxed, as we only had 2 wittiness's with us, it is a nice practice for whats to come at our "REAL" wedding in Dominican, I'm sure I will be very nervous over there. lol YAY were legally married now we can't wait for our Ceremony at Dreams!
  10. Thanks alot for the detailed reply Lisa ... I am currently dealing with Tiara not Yanna and I already asked her about the bar service for both the dinner and bonfire and she did tell me that I would have to pay for both (((( I hope I can work something out down there because its totally not fair to have to pay for bar service for 2 hours at dinner and it not being included at the bonfire. I mean I am paying for a 2 hour bonfire on top of that.
  11. Lisa, I also have the same question as dcairns * For the bonfire, was there a bar close so people could get their own drinks if needed? I thinks its ridicouless how you have to pay for bar service at the reception (in my case we are only going to be there for 2 hours) and then again at the bonfire at an AL resort. That is why I am also buying some liquor at the duty free to take down with us so we can make our own drinks at the bonfire.
  12. Hi Lisa, We are also having the ultimate package and hired HDC I was just wondering when and how do you get to choose all the photos from both of the photographers, and also did you get all your photos and video of the ceremony before you left? We are getting married on Wednesday and are leaving on Friday, just want to make sure that there is enough time to review and receive all of our photos/video before we leave. dcairns - I already booked my hair and makeup trial 2 days before the wedding and the day of the wedding with Elke through e-mail, there is another wedding happening on the same day so I wanted to make sure that I get the times that I want booked. XOXO
  13. Thank you amurka! We are also only having 2 of our friends as witnesses that cannot come to DR, we want to make it low key but we did decide to go out for dinner and have a few drinks as it is also V-day and my sister's birthday all in the same day lol XOXO
  14. Hello ladies, * The photographers included in the package are from Tropical Pictures and the Videographers from Filmaciones Futur@. * We are having a 2 hour bonfire on the beach after dinner, so it is an option to have the bonfire for longer you just have to pay for the 2 hours. We are going to bring down an IPOD player so we will have the dancing and fun games on the beach * dcairns I know what you mean I think bridezilla is kicking in over here too, we both get married on two months and I'm starting to stress a little lol .... * LisaRob you guys looked amazing, looking forward to the review! I pick up my wedding dress on Friday YAY! and were having our legal ceremony on February 14th Valentine's Day ))))
  15. Great photos and reviews Alla and Rikki! You both looked stunning, thanks for sharing! CONGRATS! xoxo
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