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  1. Does anyone know if it is cheaper when you put 3 adults in a room instead of 2. My WC quoted me the same price per person with 2 or 3 in a room which doesn't make any sense.
  2. I was wondering about sparklers also, I would like to have them. I can't get my WC to answer questions I already have let alone any new ones. SO FRUSTRATING!! Right now I am just dealing with people gripe about the prices.
  3. I guess my previous post did not go through. I need to vent b/c my aunt was not happy today after finding out prices for her, her husband and 2 children. They wanted to go for 10 days and the price was $5768 for their room. Plus it is around 1800 airfare. I really wish prices were cheaper but are not and I offered to switch resorts and she said no that was fine. I think they have found somewhere else to stay. Can people not staying at the resort come over for the day when you have a private reception. For how many hours and is there a fee?? She was going to do my hair and pictures.
  4. Hi tundeneha, I am also getting married June 12th! Is your reception at the Zavaz Plaza or Zavas Terrace??? About how many guests are you expecting?
  5. When did you do the BBQ at the yoga palapa? Also, what do the picture frames say? The center pieces are beautiful!
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