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  1. FANTASTIC PHOTOS! You look so beautiful Monica Mai! Looks like you guys had a blast. The countdown is on...3 more weeks
  2. Congrats Monica Mai! You look fantastic and so content and happy! Do you happen to know what vendor your coordinator got the flowers from? Only 1 more month for me...
  3. LilyRose, I had that same epiphany a few weeks ago. I'm crazy busy with work right now and travelling everywhere for it and trying to manage things remotely with 1.5 months left! All I have to keep thinking in my head is THANK GOODNESS I HAVE MY DRESS AND SHOES and everyone is confirmed at the Villa!! That's what helps put me to bed at night hahahaha
  4. MEve, Sorry to hear that things are going a bit sour. How we managed it was to confirm with first our family who would be going...since they are the most likely to spend the money to attend. We also put together a list prior to sending out invites and did some verbal questioning about interest. We had done some homework and gotten approximate pricing etc so that it would be useful to the conversation. Once we had a rough idea we settled on location. I guess we're lucky in that we're not booking through a resort. Many of the airlines, Westjet included offer group rates where guests and family are just supplied with a booking number. American Airlines you can book online and use this code and Westjet and Air Canada you need to call their special booking reservation 1-800 number to book using your group code (which is helpful because then your guests can do the leg work themselves). Really, you can just pre-call them, let them know that there are 10 guests and they will supply you with this code, with or without actual numbers and you will not be penalized. I have found that many travel agencies are more a hassle then a blessing. Good luck and if you have any more questions, please ask.
  5. Thanks for the info MEve. I'll have to check with the coordinator and make sure nothing changes should the sale of Villa Capri go through.
  6. Congrats JessMarie! MEve, good idea about asking people to buy liquor at the duty free. I think there will be a better variety there. Of note, Kristy! advised me to make sure if you need to purchase any booze to pick it up from the grocery stores as the liquor stores there are more expensive. I've also asked some of my family (which are all located near me) to help cart along some of the wedding things. This way you don't have to bring as much stuff.
  7. I've found some great and creative wedding favours here.http://www.creativeweddingfavors.com/
  8. Thanks MEve. I'm lucky since I'm doing it at a private villa and I don't think they have any restrictions or will make me pay an additional charge.
  9. Looks like we're going to be heading there a week earlier due to flights and such. Can you recommend any good places to stay that are affordable. We don't need an AI but something close to Castries, air con, clean and such would be great. Also, still trying to source out a good photographer. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. I did a bunch of research and picked Villa Capri because it was what we were looking for such that it was like renting a home but having the comforts of a hotel. Having all of the ammenties like housekeeping and chefs on staff were also a bonus! The Villa Capri is an old embassy so you know all of the comforts, style and beauty are there as well. I will be having the reception there catered and in speaking with their coordinator Kris Wagner it looks like we can also plan welcome dinners and such at the villa as well. We're just having an intimate wedding so we're only having 22 family and close friends in attendance.
  11. I haven't logged on in a while but am glad that I have. Our wedding is planned for June 2011. We've rented out the Villa Capri and will be having the wedding on site with reception to follow also on site. Just wondering if anyone has sourced a good photographer yet.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm looking at getting married in St. Lucia June 2011. I look forward to chatting with everyone and getting some ideas as well information.
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