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  1. Has anyone used this vendor for flowers? How was the work?
  2. Hi Ladies- I'm getting married in July at Sandals Grande Riveria and wanted to hear your reviews on the photography taken for your wedding day?! Any feedback would be remarkably accepted! Thanks
  3. Anyone sing resorts photographers? Anyone having difficulties in seeing photographers portfolios at resort?
  4. hey ladies! I just interjected in your feed to get some feedback too! Thanks for the info! how ironic " Diva" I'm Haitian and my hubby to be is Jamaican
  5. Hi, My name is Stephanie and I'm actually getting married July 15, 2011 at Sandals but have guest accommodations set for my family and friends at Beaches. Has anybody been there recently and can you provide me with your honest opinion? Any pictures? I have been hearing from some that this hotel is run down and simply NOT NICE etc,................and quite frankly just frustrated with these stating this, especially when my fiance are trying to accommodate those with families! My fiance are visiting in Marcch and plan to have 2 nights of activities for our guest prior to wedding Thanks Stephanie
  6. Has anyone been married on this property or planning? What was your experiance and did you choose any of the Martha Stewart themes? Do you have any pictures available to show? I'm getting married July 2011 and actually have a large count and was curious if any one experianced this? Thanks so much for your input! Stephanie
  7. Has anyone gotten married on this property before? How was your experiance- do you have any pics? Did you choose the Martha Stewart themes? Thanks
  8. simpson11


    We have changed our location to Negril's beaches! Has anyone been married there before or planning on it? How was your experience?
  9. hey all, Sorry for the several newbie post...........I was still trying to get a hang of things on the site. So I apoligize for that. Has anyone been to the Veranda all Inclusive resort in Turks and Caicos? Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  10. Krys- I loved the videos and pictures! AMAZING WORK! -Stephanie
  11. Thanks so much for such a detailed email!
  12. Ladies do you have any advice for those who have or are getting married at somerset resort? I originally was leaning towards beaches BUT now leaning towards this as well. Pictures can also be helpful along with contact info of those who you have had experience with. PM me Thanks Stephanie
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