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  1. hey guys! just recently booked our wedding at the azul for Aug 6 2011. woohoo!! can't wait to get reading this forum!!
  2. thank you Cindy! that's kinda what i figured from all the other reviews. DRC is definitely looking like the best wedding spot, but that's just 1 day and we're really wanting the other 6 days of the trip to be enjoyable for everyone too!!
  3. Hi ladies. My fiance and I are are VERY close to booking at DRC, but just have a couple of reservations we were hoping could be cleared up by anyone that has already been there... what was the nightlife like? we have about 50 guests coming along with us and we were a little worried about the fact that DRC doesn't have shows at night like other AI resorts. For those of you that have already been there, what did your guests do in the evening? Was the lobby bar enough to keep everyone entertained? Thanks!
  4. jwashing

    Newly Engaged!

    Hi ladies, My name is Julie and I'm newly engaged and looking for a great destination to have our wedding at next summer! I think we're leaning towards somewhere in Mexico but there are SO many options! Looks like there's a ton of info on here and I'll definitely be taking advantage of that!