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  1. Sfrench0621, Thanks for the info! Did your photographer check in go smoothly?
  2. OK so I want to book a room for my photographer and his assistant throught he barcelo happy days website because it is A LOT cheaper! But then the reservation goes under my name, not his. So I'm thinking that this could be a problem when he is checking in. Is there a way to book the reservation under his name, but where is gets charged to me? I'm confused, I just want check in for him to go smoothly and I want to be sure he is considered a guest of my wedding. Do you girls understand what I'm trying to say and does anyone have any advise about this topic? THanks!
  3. Does anyone know how you are going to pay the resort? What is this I have heard about a foreign credit card fee if you pay with a credit card? Also, I don't understand why some people are saying they had to pay the officiant in cash? Isn't the officiant included in the wedding package?
  4. So, does anyone know is it alright for you rphotographer to have a room for only 1 night? I don't get why they have to book for 2 nights because if they stay 1 night then they are a guest at the hotel. I've also heard you can just pay a fee to have them there. Does anyone know if that is true? I have emailed the wedding coord several times, but still no response! I just want to know what is their policy?
  5. Hi, I am new to this site and haven't exactly figured out how it works yet! Has anyone gotten married during the 6:00 time slot? I am considering it! Is it dark at 6? I was really hoping someone could tell me how it worked out for them at the palace! Thanks!
  6. Hi Jill, I am also new to this site. I would like to book my wedding at dreams riviera cancun and was hoping you could tell me how to go about doing that? I don't want to book our trip until I have a wedding date verified with the resort? How do I get a date approvedwith the wedding coord?
  7. I want to book my wedding at this resort, but I don't know how to go about doing that? I have tried to e-mail the wedding coord. I want to know what wedding days are available before booking our trip. Advice please!
  8. I've been looking at the dreams riviera maya, but my mom was looking into the palace resorts. Thought, reviews, etc. . .
  9. Hi, my name is Bridget. I am a nwew bride to be planning my wedding in riviera maya, mexico. I have been searching resorts and came across this sight in hope of some inspiration from other brides. We are bringing my 15month old daughter along with a select few close family members, so finding a place that is both romantic and child friendly is a major concern of mine. any input would be greatly appreciated! Bridget
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