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  1. Hi uninspired! Thanks so much for the review, love the detail and there is some important info in there in regards to the photography aspect, thanks for that. My hubby to be is a carpenter, I think your saw is adorable! Do you remember where you got it? Thanks again Sheri
  2. Hi Chanelo, Welcome to the thread...there is tonnes of great info here. I was in your shoes not too long ago and now have only about 40 days to go! You are doing the same as I am, with the ceremony at the gazebo and dinner at the SSG Deck, and I am also doing the Ultimate package. You will be charged a fee of $10 per person for unlimited drinks. I have read elsewhere in this thread that there is a bar nearby that your guests can leave the deck area to go get drinks from though. Having been there yourself you may be able to picture this better than I can? If its nearby you may wish to save the $300 plus service and tip that this would end up costing you. Hope this helps! Sheri
  3. Hi there Uninspired, I found a section in BDW that has to do with playlists. You may find it helpful? http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/42149/anyone-have-their-entire-playlist Sher
  4. Also a couple other things I have recently learned. One is that once you have a general idea of what you want...you really should email Tiara for a quote. I had been signed up for a package prior to the rate adjustment but because I didn't ask for a "quote" I have to pay the higher rates... she explained that inquiring about prices is not the same as a quote and therefor they wouldnt honor this for me. A little bummed but what can I do? Pass on the tip, hopefully it saves some people from the adjustments. And on a completely seperate note- I was expressing my concern with sweating, to a friend.I dont sweat much but I also don't wear layers of wedding dress daily, nor do I live in a hot climate. I'm unsure of wether or not this will be an issue. She had gotten married in Mexico and she suggests using a product called Drysol for about a week prior to going to your wedding. It basically stops wetness and odor. I tried the product about two weeks ago, it feels wierd but boy does it work great. Highly recomend it. Also another product suggestion came from my soon to be mother in law, (has nothing to do with wedding but it does for bathing suits), its called Bikini Zone and it eliminates any redness or bumps from the area after you shave or remove hair in whatever manner you choose to do so in. Let me know if any of you find this info helpful or not, I might have a couple more suggestions if anybody is even interested in this stuff. of of wether or noto
  5. Hi everybody, long time no message. I check the BDW site as often as possible to try to keep up to speed on whats going on with everybody. Welcome to all the new brides, yay this time is so exciting. I was just checking my wedding ticker...my gosh we leave in 66 days! Yup 66 and so much left to do! It always seems that right until now, as Ihave a question to ask, someone else asks it and I end up having no need to write it myself. Everybody is so helpful, its fantastic. I'm wondering (and trust me I think I've seen this somewhere and just can't find it) Im wondering if any past brides have the layout of the SSG deck. I want my dinner/reception there and am trying to work out the seating plan. I want to have a sweetheart table and so far thats all I know. I need to have 6 tables but are not even sure if there is still room for a dancefloor, dj, cake table...would any of you have this? if you do could you email me? ((I can't open attachements on BDW). Thanks in advance for any assistance with this. Sher taylorbabe1@hotmail.com
  6. Thanks Nancy M I thought i had read that about the shoes somewhere along as well. pink petals-thanks for the pictures of the table, that makes things a lot easier when we can see whats available there that we dont have to bring along. You have a tonne of pictures it seems...would yoube able to email me anything you have pictures of? taylorbabe1@hotmail.com I believe you and I are both doing the Ultimate but i think we have conflicting info. I asked T about the coctail hour and she said we have to pay for the drinks for that hour. I think I read somewhere here that she told you its included? I wonder if that also means we have to pay at dinner? I am soooo confused. I really wish they had something like a bundleworker/spreadsheet we could just check off and boom there is the total cost all at once. Lizzyjane your wedding looked gorgeous and thanks so much for the review. You looked stunning.
  7. Oh my goodness pink pettals your man is gonna die when he sees you! Stunn-ing is all I can say. I don't think mine is online (well Im sure it is somewhere) but the ladies in the store said it was Alfred Sung Private Collection (or something like that) model 110. Same style as yours but the bottom has a couple small pick ups with tulle sticking out the bottom. I'm worried about standing in the white gazebo and looking dirty, or next to the table linens or something, maybe I'm just thinking too much. And now...What about shoes?...for some reason I remember reading that the SSG Deck is like a wooden deck and stillettos or similar heels are not a good idea, do you remember anything about this? What about walking down the isle to the gazebo?I dont want to trip on gravel or get my heel stuck or something embarrassing.
  8. Have any of you chosen a dress yet? I found mine yesterday but Im not too sure to order in ivory or white white. I love the idea of white white but i don't want it to look so white that it glows, and the ivory is nice because sometimes (I think anyway) it seems like it looks more expensive. Past and Future brides...any thoughts?
  9. Thanks pinkpetals and dolphinluck for the info on the utensils and the fireworks. As well thanks dolphinluck for the link to the linen suits as well (I know that was a while back already, and I appologise for the delayed thanks). PInkpetals, Are you planning on shipping your centre pieces ahead of time? I'm wondering if I'm even going to worry about them. I won't be planning my seating plan until all rsvp's are in anyway but Im thinking I want to do a sweetheart table and maybe 2 couples per table, or 4 tables of 8 I'm not too sure. The SSG tables of 4 don't look too big to begin with, and I was thinking once we have dinner plates, drink water and wine glasses, salad plate...it might get lost amongs all that. Or if I went with 8 per table then the centre piece needs to be substantial enough to hold its own amogst a big table...oh so much to think about. I wish they had hurricane (is that what their called?) those clear vase things and I could just bring down my own candles to put in them, I really just want something that simple, but blue/orange and to make an impact.
  10. Hi ladies, and newcomers! Welcome to the forum, as you can see everyone on here is extremly helpful. Forum has been busy I have a lot to catch up on. ***I'm wondering if we need to bring down our own cake custting utensils or does the resort have those for us to use? ***Also I've been racking my brain for centre pieces...does anyone know if the resort provides anything at all? I'm planning on renting the SSG and figure they must have centre pieces they normally use that would be available in a worst case scenario. I don't want to pay shipping ahead as I will already be shipping the party favors ahead of time. ***Has anyone chosen the fireworks option? or seen it done? As always, any suggestion/help is appreciated.
  11. Whoops. I forgot to ask about the $99 suit..what company is that? (I tried to go back to follow along but I couldn't find the name of the company tahts being referred to.
  12. Thanks Lizzyjane, I appreciate you adding me to the list. I now I still cant figure that out those cute little tickers ...but I can live without, I'll just ocunt down in my head lol. Hi Sarah, My reasons for choosing Dreams LaR was the same as Dolphonluck...the gazebo is gorgeous, loved the a la carte restaurants, the resort is gorgeous and I love that we don't have to wear those plastic all inclusive wristband things. Not too pretty for wedding pictures. I didn't even want my guests to have to wear them on the big day. Hope that helps!
  13. Hi all! It's been a while since I've had time to log on but boy I have spend a good part of my Saturday so far catching up. Congratualtions to all that have been wed since I last posted. Everything looks amaaaaazzzing, for all the stress my face is currently showing, it's nice to see I really should just relax. So I have confirmed wedding day of January 7th 2011, (not too sure how to update the ongoing list you gals have). Will be flying down on the 5-12th from Winnipeg,Mb, Canada. Sooo happy to have gotten that much figured out finally. On to the next step to see if Pastor Rick and DJ Mania are available now. Wish me luck and thanks ladies for all the great ideas and info on the site! So nice to see past brides helping out future brides. I think we should all keep paying it forward, just as thye have done. Sher
  14. Hi Pink Petals, thanks for trying to show me that. The site won't allow me to open it. do you know why? maybe you could email me directly? taylorbabe1@hotmail.com if you don't mind? Quote: Originally Posted by Pink_Petals Hey Taylorbabe, The Tiffany chairs are $15 for everyone, no matter what other things you are getting. I have a form from Tiara with all of the extras for 2010.
  15. Thanks sooooo much Pink Petals! Omg those chairs are gorgeous! I would love love love to get those but just dont know how I could squeeze them in. Hard to budget when we're all doing different combinations and don't know if one persons price quote is based on that info...might have other items that pop up unexpectedly that are more important. Hmmm
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