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  1. I would recommend Nina from A Dream Wedding Hawaii. She has been fantastic! and her cost is 10% of the vendors that you choose such as if you get her to decorate, do favors etc. (the fun stuff) she charges 10% of that total bill. Not expensive at all and great to work with. Hope that hepls! Good Luck!
  2. Hi, I am having a hard time finding a wedding reception location.I have a wedding planner helping me but she is so busy and I am not that patient... So I thought I would ask around to see if anybody knows of a good location, on or off the beach in Waikiki . I have approx. 15-30 attending so a hall is too big and some restaurants are too small. If anyone can think of any I would appreciate the help, Thanks!
  3. It looked beautiful and loved your dress and the girls dresses, very pritty.
  4. Hi, Here's photographer that I found which I really love Terra Photography: fine art Hawaii destination wedding & lifestyle portraits. Landscape, travel, & nature stock photos of Hawaii and is very well priced .
  5. Hi Jamsjams, This place you mentioned Hawaii Kai, Hawaii rentals it looks great but what is the extra fee for having your wedding there ? Can you have a beach ceremony and have your reception there as well ? Thanks!
  6. Hi Tomato Tomatto, I was just curious about the one venue you mentioned Ke Iki Beach Bungalows. Is there any minimum's for this site ? How many people are you having at your wedding ? I am just having a small group of 20-30 for the reception and ceremony and I am looking for a private beach location that can also have my reception . Thanks!
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