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  1. Thanks Sammy and Lilly! . Sammy it'd be great if you could let me know what you hear back. I didn't mention it but the future hubby reminded me to ask about indoor locations in case of bad weather.
  2. Hello all! I'm sure it's on here somewhere, but for some reason I'm having trouble picking it out of all this useful info. Anyway, I was wondering what the options are for reception locations at Dreams Riviera Cancun. If anyone has any reception pics they'd be greatly appreciated. We're getting married 9-10-11 @3:00 and there's another ceremony happening at 6:00, so we may have to compete for locale. I know it's early, but in addition to maybe having locale restrictions due to the other wedding I'm trying to decide wether to have just a small cocktail hour followed by hanging out and partying around the resort then having a big reception at home, or going all out with a reception there and not doing a back home reception. I want to send out my save the dates ASAP so guests have ample planning time and I need to know if I need to include just the travel date or a home reception date as well.
  3. Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for advice on booking. Our wedding will be at Dreams Cancun in September 2011. As of right now we're just reserving our date and not booking rooms and flights until flights for September 2011 are published and we can do so together in a package deal. My question is whether to use a travel agency or book direct. I'm thinking of using an agency because they seem to have better discounts but am nervous as I've read horror stories of people arriving at their destination to find they don't have rooms due to some error in the booking process. Can anyone recomend a reputable agency that gives good deals? Thanks in advance for your help, Dana
  4. Amazing! Maria thanks so much for such a detailed post. I've only just begun my planning and communication problems have me a little nervous, but after the info and beautiful photos I feel much beter about things coming together very well in the end. Congrats, Dana
  5. Danaddesign


    Hello brides, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dana and I've just begun planning my September 2011 wedding at Dreams cancun. I hope to find a lot of useful information on the forum.
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