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    future Jamaica bride

    Thanks for all the support ladies! I have been searching thru the posts to find more info on the resorts and now I am even more undecided! lol I'm sure with all the help from everyone on here I'll narrow down the options eventually...
  2. worldexplorer

    future Jamaica bride

    Hi everyone! I'm Jessica and I have been stalking the boards for a few days now and you ladies have so much helpful info! I am just barely planning our wedding, we're hoping to get married in April 2012 so got lots of time. We are pretty set on Jamaica, I love the Ocho Rios area We need to find a resort that has wheelchair access for my future MIL so if you ladies know of anywhere that has lots of ramps, flat paths, elevators, ect. around the resort please let me know! Thanks a million! I look forward to getting to know you all!