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  1. Thanks for the compliments. I forgot to say that a few months back. My photographer does not work in the hotel. His name is Phil Steingard. He is often there to do weddings but is not associated with the hotel. His studio is in Canada.
  2. Here is my updated link to my wedding pics. https://profiles.google.com/Chendy3.5.11#Chendy3.5.11/about
  3. I see it now AcutieRN! lol BTW, I reviewed the ME under Resort Reviews, ME. I have pictures in there too if that helps.
  4. It's $80. I remember my bridesmaid paying that at the salon in the ME. One of my bridesmaids just wanted a blow out and some soft curls and they still charged her $80. My sister in law did my a hair so I didn't use the salon. Make sure to take pictures!!! I booked their appointments 3 weeks prior to the wedding. I remember I had to email them twice and the last time I cc: my WC.
  5. Yes, this is what I paid when I bought these from list the WC gave me. I don't know where they get the bottles. I got told her how many bottles of whatever I wanted and she took care of it. this was all done through my WC. She gave me the price list.
  6. Bebidas Premium Vodka Producto P.Vta. USD Stolichnaya $ 19.00 per bottle Absolut $ 30.00 per bottle Grey Goose $ 61.00 per bottle Cognac Remy Martin V.S.O.P $ 79.00 per bottle Hennessy V.S.O.P $ 109.00 per bottle Whisky J & B $ 25.00 per bottle Cutty Sark $ 27.00 per bottle Jack Daniel¨s $ 48.00 per bottle Canadian Club $ 47.00 per bottle Black Label 12 Años $ 55.00 per bottle Chivas Regal 12 Años $ 57.00 per bottle Green Label 15 años $ 55.00 per bottle Tequila Jose el Cuevo Classico $ 29.00 per bottle Viuda Romero Blanco $ 39.00 per bottle El Jimador Gold $ 48.00 per bottle Rum Brugal Añejo $ 15.00 per bottle Brugal Extraviejo $ 20.00 per bottle These were all included at no charge howerver this list had prices Pepsi $ 3.00 Pepsi Dieta $ 3.00 Naranja $ 3.00 7up $ 3.00 Cranberry $ 8.00 Club soda
  7. Yes, I posted the list in this thread a few months ago. Let me find it again.
  8. If you want to buy your own liquor bottles, you just tell your WC that you are doing that. We got a list form her and then when we met we chose what we wanted. The prices were not bad at all. The mixers are included too. Don't do the open bar. It's a waste of money. Most of our guest drank beer and wine which was included. We got bottle of Stoli, Brugal Rum (DR kind) and Jack Daniel's and it worked out well and it was under $100. We had the $55 a plate buffet which was excellent and at the Wet Bar. We only had 41 guests so it wasn't too bad on our budget.
  9. I just got back from Punta Cana on Tuesday. I had my ceremony this past Sat on the beach, had some hors 'deourves at the Sea and Sea reception right after for the guests while we took pictures, and the private reception (dinner) at the Wet Bar. Photo Phil was my photographer and he def knows what he is doing. I also had DJ Mannia there and we all danced from the start to the end. I don't think I sat down. He was GREAT!!! I had the best day of my life. Sandra helped me along the way but Stephany was my WC when I got there and she def does a great job. I gave her my items that I wanted incorporated in the ceremony and reception and she definitely improvised and used them. She also coordinated a group dinner for my guests at Sea and See Rest the night before the wedding and it was a set menu and it was excellent. It was a nice touch. I had a private dinner so I paid $55 a plate. We bought liquor bottles there (through WC) instead of the open bar which is too much $$$. We order a few bottles of vodka, rum, and JD and the mixers were provided. That was def a cheaper way to go. We def got hooked up with other stuff too because I made friends (tipped) with the staff from the moment I got there so they remembered me. I also speak Spanish so I was able to speak to everyone which I know helped. I'm on my way to my honeymoon but can give a more detailed review in a few weeks. I stayed at the Elegance and had a nice room. I had 42 guests and they all had an amazing time. It's a fun hotel, great staff and GREAT weather. I can't wait to go back. I will post pics and all the great stuff later. I just wanted to let you future brides know that we had the BEST time of my life.
  10. Luckily my last minute guests are staying at the Colonial and will be given bracelets to go onto the Elegance side at no addtiional charge for their whole trip so we can all be together. This was after I discussed it with my wedding coordinator. I was happy to get the news last week.
  11. So I'm getting married in 6 weeks at the ME and was just informed from my guests that the hotel is sold out! Has this happened to anyone? My WC is not helping much. She suggested the Colonial but that means my guests have to pay a day pass to hang out with me the whole time. Has anyone ever heard or know what I can do. I've stressed to her via email that I need more rooms but I'm still waiting to hear back. Should I try to talk the hotel manager? The only other option is to put more people in a room. Any suggestions?
  12. OOPS! I meant to say very pretty! I thought for sure you'd have to pay extra for sashes and petals. Quote: Originally Posted by chendy901
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by P&B2010 You asked for a picture of the gazebo decorated and I'm sorry it's taken me so long. We didn't pay for the extra decoration package and there was a centerpiece on the table, chair sashes, and flower petals as you can see. If you haven't seen it, the aisle down to the gazebo is really long and there is a step up over this little bridge and then a stop down into the gazebo, so an aisle runner isn't really necessary. Sorry if the pictures are really big - I was having some technical difficulties! Also, for those of you debating the open bar, we didn't get it and not one person asked for a drink other than what was served and we had an unbelievable time! My husband was concerned about not having the open bar but there was really no need. The wedding package includes wine, beer, and champagne which was more than enough. If anyone needs to see pictures of anything else I can try to find one. We used Photosouvenir and absolutely loved them!
  14. Ask your WC for prices of premium bottles and you'll see the prices and gauge from there if you have to buy duty free. We are buying the bottles from the hotel.
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