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  1. Rocio is driving me nuts! I am still waiting on a email back that was sent 2 weeks ago!!
  2. Im not sure what all im going to put in them.. I am waiting till all the summer stuff goes on sale. Wanting to spend about $10-15 per person so I need some good sales! lol
  3. I love Beyond the Rack thats where I order my girls dresses from! =) I think im going to do OTT bags too, what have you decided to put in them. Since we have over 50 people I would like to try and keep some costs down. Any one else a December bride?
  4. For past brides, When meeting with Rocio what do you all go over? Do I wait to pick the cake/flowers at this meeting?
  5. I have to order my wedding dress soon! What color is everyone going with? I think white might make me look washed out.. Thoughts?
  6. Oh thats not too bad then I forgot that you had that many hours with her. Atleast you know she is doing her best to give you the pictures you will love!! I guess you didn't get married that long ago lol. Bet you can't wait to see them!
  7. Quote: It is clearly written in our contract that are pictures are to be delivered 6-8 weeks after the wedding day. (online gallery AND our picture DVD and photobook) Stephy when you emailed her what did she say? I think you should be getting atleast a discount on the package you paid for or a extra photobook or something!
  8. DJ bob was $650 for 4 hours (dinner & drinks) And $475 for just (drinks & dance) 2 hours He brings lights, and a microphone. Also he will be the MC.
  9. Stephy I would be freaking out about the pictures. I don't get why you don't have even a online gallery yet. I'm getting pictures done by her too. Hopefully she gets everything together soon! I booked DJ bob, Decided the costs were not too bad since we have about 55 people making the trip. =)
  10. I went dress shopping today and think I found the one I will be wearing! Since we have decided on our reception on La Laguna. I have seen some pictures of it and worry that it will be too dark. Stephy Did it have enough lighting?
  11. Hello Caroline1110 Basic Photo Package its $1500 for 3 hours Special Photo Package is $2250 for 5 hours Golden Photo Package is $3350 for 8 hours All packages come with a credit for online orders too. The TTD depends on where you decide to do it. Puerto Morelos $1,500 and Cenote sessions $1,800. If you do it at the resort its just $1000. Stephy for your TTD did you just do it at the resort? Originally Posted by Caroline1110 Sorry, I missed your post Stephy. Maybe you also have info about Claudia? Also, maybe I'm just clueless, but for TTD sessions, do people wear their actual wedding dresses, or do people use another white dress? Does the TTD session cost $1800 on top of the regualr photos?
  12. Just paid our deposit to Claudia Rodriguez for our pictures!! =) I fell inlove with her work! What does everyone think is the right amount of time for pictures? I think we are going with the 3 hour package, I just hope its enough time. Also I was thinking about doing my TTD later on in the week when the guests leave. Can't decide if its worth the $1800 for the pictures.
  13. Hello Everyone, New Bride here!! Getting married December 2011 =) Since we have such a big group going, we have to do a private reception. I was wondering about a DJ. I was looking into prices for DJ BOB and they are very good. But I am wondering if this is some place that we could maybe cut costs and just use my Ipod. But is the one speaker they have loud enough?
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