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  1. Hi there, We got married on the Tulum side in October 2010. I provided my WC with a CD of about 6-7 songs that they played as the guests were being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin. We then had 1 song for our parents and bridal party to walk to, and then obvious one for myself and my Dad. We had a family member sing a song while we sign our marriage certificate and then we had one song for when we were married and walking back down the aisle. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi There, Regardless of what side of the resort you stay on you have access to the a la cartes at all 3. My suggestion book as soon as you get there becuase they fill up fast.
  3. Hi there, I just returned from having our wedding on the Tulum side October 27th. We too used DJ Bijan and we booked our privatr reception for 2 hours which worked out to $8/person. BJ Bijan was just awesome. Our guests were dancing the whole entire time and it was really great and easy to work with. We also didn't get the canapes (actually under advisement from our wedding coodrinator) We had our wedding dinner at The GRan Tortuga Restaurant and it was amazing. And just as Jazmin our wedding coodrinator said you don't need the canapes....the wedding meal is quite filling and good food. And if by chance your guests are still hungry where they set up the private poolside recption is right by the 24 hour snack bar. I have the price lists if you would like...just PM your email address.
  4. HI there! Sorry just getting to this now! If you PM me your email address I can send the price list to you no porblem!! And answer any other quaetions you may have!
  5. Just sent you the info my friend! Let me know if you need anything else! Good Luck!!
  6. I think I can dig it up for you!!! PM me your email and I can forward you the emails from Jazmin!
  7. Hi there! Glad to see everything worked out for you! We had Kazmin as our WC and she was amazing! You certianly won't be disappointed! And yes dinner is included in your paackage and then you can choose what you want for the private poolside receptiopn....that's what we did as well.....let me know if you have any questions that I can help you out with!
  8. Ah have fun!!!! We had 11 kids ranging from 10 months to 11 yeras old they will have a blast!
  9. Hi there! We paid 1350 US for the middle package....I believe it;s called Blissful Love. Hope that helps!
  10. Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay in writing this...I'm still trying to get over the fact we had to leave and am struggling to return to "normal" life! We (my hubby, myself and 29 guests) flew out of Toronto on Saturday October 23rd and arrived in Cancun around 12:15-12:30 Mexican time. The rest of our guests arrived later that day. There were 62 of us in total! We had 3 suitcase between the two of us. Hubby got the green light, I of course got the green one! But it all worked out in the end I was carrying the smaller of the suitcases which was full of just my husband's clothing. So in the end it was just a 5 minute delay. We had a huge air conditioned coach bus for transport to the resort. Our first stop was a local 7/11 where we purchased beer which made the 90 minute trip fly by! We made 2 quick stops to drop others off at 2 other resorts and arrived at the Bahia Principe (Tulum side) at approximately 3:15. We were dropped off at the front entrance where they took our luggage and then transported via tram to the Club Diamond check in. Fernando was there to greet us with a big smile and many more Cervasa's. Check in went very smoothly and then we were transported via trams to our rooms. First tip...if you or any of your guests wish to book any of the a la carte restaurants make sure you do as soon s you get there as they fill up very fast! You are able to access all the restaurants at all 3 resorts so explore around and see what you like best! The bulk of my guests stayed in Villa's 32 and 33. We did have some others scattered throughout the resort but there was no problem with this. We didn't get the Honeymoon suite, but I really was not heartbroken about it, for the amount of time that you are actually in your room, the junior suite was just enough for us. The weather was truly amazing! we lucked out. It rained for the first 30 minutes that we were there and then for about 10 minutes the next day. Other then that there was nothing but golden sunshine! I did find out after wards that it rained at the gazebo site about 25 minutes before we were due to get married. From where we were getting dressed you wouldn't have know a thing and then by the time we got to the gazebo you wouldn't have know a thing! It was as clear as a bell...so to hear after wards that they considered moving it inside was quite funny! For the bulk of the trip, we all hung our or should I say took over the main pool. We did the Mayan Ruins on the Friday and had a great time. We took a taxi for the 20 minute drive, the beach there is absolutely stunning. Our taxi driver waited the 2.5 hours for us and drove us back. As others have already previously mentioned...tip, tip and tip....and you'll get the service you want for sure. We had guests that did zip lining, scuba diving etc. and all had nothing but awesome things to say. I wish we had Had some more free time to do stuff like that but when you are there for your own wedding you are a bit Prue-occupied. We met with Jazmin our wedding coordinator on Monday which by luck was also y birthday...yes ladies it was a week long celebration. She was just amazing, I can't say enough about her. The minute that I shook her hand I knew that we would be taken care of. We went through everything that I had emailed her over the past year and a bit and she had everything laid out just as we had discussed. She was super organized and I knew that we could trust her with our big day! It was also at this meeting that we gave her our guest favors, guest book etc. She then arranged that night for myself and all 60 of our guests to eat at the Akumal buffet and that was just awesome! We had 10 pictures included in our wedding package. And like everyone site at the resort they were taken by the Arrecife photographers. We had Nestor who was really great and easy to work with. We took the 10 from our package and then ended up taking 4 others. We actually had a friend of ours take the bulk of our photos. I'm not sure how we were allowed to...I'm not sure if it was because we had booked well before Arrecife took over, but Jazmin was on board from the very beginning. Had we not have someone taking them for us I would have been extremely happy with the ones that Nestor took. I just found them very expensive....15 dollars US for each additional picture. My girlfriend's husband ended up getting the exact same shots and they were just as great! We had our wedding meal at the Gran Tortgua....and it was simply amazing. The food was spectacular, and the service was amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better time. We had a huge salad buffet with all sorts of other goodies thrown in. And then the servers brought everything you can think of meat, bread around on these huge swords and carved them right there at your table. We had a 3 layer tier cake and it was chocolate and yummy! We had our dinner from 6-8 and then we had a private poolside reception from 8-10 with DJ Bijan. For those of you that have him booked you will not be disappointed. The reception site was decorated beautifully all buy the hands of the resort. I did not bring anything extra for the reception. My advice to all of you out there planning, DO NOT STRESS! I know it's very hard and sometimes it takes a while for the wedding coordinators to get back to you, but they really, really do know what they are doing!! And they will help you out in any way to make it the day of your dreams! We had 62 guests go and they all say it was the trip of a lifetime. And we couldn't have asked for anything better then that! Enjoy yourselves and it will be the day of your dreams. Feel free to write or PM me any questions, or if you need advice etc! Patricia
  11. I have just returned from staying on the Tulum side. We had keycards. The only actual key that we had was the bar key for the mini bar in our room.
  12. Ha I remeber speaking to your group while walking by at one point saying that brigning your own radio was an awesome idea! You were all just chilling in the pool with your drinks having a grand old time! That's awesome small world for sure!!
  13. Sunnyee...were you the bunch of ladies that brought their own radio and such??
  14. Hey my friend I went looking for you at Akumal the day of your wedding but thought I had missed it and went back to the Tulum side!!! I thought you were getting amrried at 3! Wasn't it just amazing!!!! I'm currently working on my review now!! But I swear it was the trip of a lifetime!!
  15. Sunnyee if you were at the Tulum pool you must have seen me and my crew of 60...we were the loud ones going crazy when they played Down with Webster (Ariel ws on the bar dancing) and my girlfriends 6 year old son heloed run the Water Areobics and water Polo. I was I had known you were there!!
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