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  1. I decided to go all out and get them these Gold Sequin Coach clutches. They all love to go out and I thought that they would be perfect for them. They even came gift wrapped!
  2. JBean, The Mexican Terrace has a small fountain-like area. It's really pretty. You can see it on the right side of the picture:
  3. We're probably going to take our own table runners (to add a little color) since the extras are always outrageously priced. I've heard different things about the table setups though which makes it hard to pick out the right sized table runners. I would ask Ana but I feel like I need to save my questions until I have a few since it always takes so long to get a response!
  4. ahollo, Here's the link for Factory 21's shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/Factory21 The steins aren't on there at the moment (I guess it's because I bought the listing) but they'll probably put it back up soon. I got an email today that said they shipped them already! I just ordered them last week. I'll be sure to post pics of the final product when they arrive! Lauren
  5. We ordered our passport save the dates and my bridesmaid cards on Etsy. I've placed orders for a slew of other things (memorial candle, garter, personalized plastic beer steins, custom ring dish, pearl/crystal cake topper) so I'm just waiting on them to arrive. Can't wait to get them all in! -Lauren Save the Dates - beyonddesign Bridesmaid Cards - ExQuisite InVitation n e
  6. NikkiT, I ordered the custom maracas from Mishka Designs. I found out about her on BDW....here's her user profile. You can find the links to her blog and website at the bottom of the page. She's in Puerto Vallarta too so it's one less thing you'll have to bring in a suitcase! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/user/mishka+designs By the way, I love your tagline - * A Wedding * A Party * A Vacation * Lauren
  7. We're doing the custom maracas for favors and these beer steins as welcome gifts, that way our guests can use them during their stay (all-inclusive cups are too small!). I found the steins on Etsy...a set of 50 is $71.00. We just placed our order! Things are moving along!!
  8. Hello ladies! I've been a creeper on the forum for a while now. I haven't had much to contribute because I haven't had any contact with VIM. My travel agent booked our stay and our date. We're getting married at VIM on June 18, 2011. Last week, we made an impromptu trip to Mexico for a site visit. We were only there for 3 days so I didn't get to see as much as I wanted to but I can tell you that it's AMAZING! We were met with champagne when we arrived and everyone was so welcoming. The food was great and the facilities were beautiful. We were able to meet with Ana last minute. She was very nice and helpful and she explained everything to us. One thing that we were concerned about was the 4 witnesses that we need in order to have the legal ceremony. I didn't want to have to ask guests to come early for that since they're already paying so much to go. Ana told us that the resort can provide witnesses for $25 each. That was such good news for us! After visiting, I am even more excited about being married there. If you have any questions, please ask! Here's the link to our pictures from the trip: http://picasaweb.google.com/lauren.bazan/MexicoJanuary2011?feat=directlink
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jglee I'm getting married at the Valentin next May! We just did a site visit, and also loved the chapel. I took some pictures if you're interested...let me know. I highly recommend the resort...they were super flexible with us and will pretty much do whatever we want. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Congrats! We will be doing a site visit in July. I love hearing good reviews! I would love to see the pics....lauren.bazan@gmail.com It looks like there are a few of us getting married at the VIM next summer. I'm so glad to have found other brides who are going through the same planning process!
  10. Our date at the VIM is booked for June 18, 2011. It still feels so far away! So far we've paid an $800 deposit to VIM in order to save our date. I'm working with a travel agent who has been extremely helpful so far. We paid a deposit of $1500 (or $75 per person) to lock in rates for 20 guests. I have NO idea how many people will be in attendance. I have a pretty big family so we might have to reserve some more spots. I'm going to start working on our save the dates this week. These are the save the dates that I've had my eye on (think blue instead of pink) Deposit Pink Gold and Ivory Passport Save the by beyonddesign Things are moving slowly for now, but I'm sure it'll pick up as our date nears.
  11. Hi everybody! I just booked my date at the VIM for June 18, 2011. Can't wait to get started on the details! There's so much to do, but this thread has already helped me so much! Lauren
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I'm from the Dallas area. I got engaged last month and I'm trying to figure out if a destination wedding would work out for us. I would love to have a destination wedding in Mexico next summer (2011). Right now I'm looking into Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, and Cozumel. I'm hoping to find something on this forum that will help to point me in the right direction! Lauren
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