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  1. I would so pick El Patio!!! The beach and pool deck receptions are pretty but while I was there it was crazy windy and I think your guest would really enjoy El Patio and you don't have to worry about the weather. You have NO privacy at the beach or pool deck. Everyone at Seaside Grill looks down on your reception at the pool deck and they still have private dinners and random people wandering on the beach. I looked in on a reception at El Patio while I was there and it made me wanna join the party. It looked amazing and everyone was having a blast! Let us know which one you pick!
  2. So, I totally peeked in on your reception because I thought it was the club. LOL! It was our first day there and we were checking out resturants and I was like "man, this club is hopping!" haha! It looked amazing! With the dj lights and everything it really came alive! I would so pick that as my reception location because it is private. The one on the pool deck is pretty but everyone at the resort can see and hear your reception. I loved yours! It was like your own personal club!
  3. Yeah, my room was above your ceremony and I saw them setting it up and then kinda watched it from the swing bar! It was beautiful! Congrats! I stressed too much also so I am looking forward to returning without the wedding stress and just drinking and relaxing! I believe we are all going back next year around the same time. It wasn't crowded and it was great weather!
  4. They had messed up my spa appointment. My TA had Ana set up a makeup appointment for the day of my wedding and when I got there, they didn't have it scheduled and their stylist wouldn't be there till 3. My cousin (who is great at negotiating) went to the front desk and told them this had upset me because I hadn't packed wedding day makeup (which I really hadn't) so they said they would make up for it by giving us a reservation at the resturant for my reception. Well, when it came time to go to the reservation and the resturant said they didn't have it, my cousin went off and that is how we got
  5. Hey girls! Sorry for the late review but I just got my AHR done and man am I tired! LOL! Ok,so here goes. I'm sure I will leave some stuff out but I will try to tell ya all the good juicy stuff! We had our wedding October 26th at Dreams Riviera. We arrived October 24th. Check in was amazing for us. We walked in and were taken to the Premiere check in upon arrival. They served us with drinks of our choice and checked us in promptly. We had booked the Honeymoon Suite but were upgraded to the Master Suite for our whole stay there and OMG it was amazing! Room 1500...it had the most amazing vie
  6. Hey girls! It's officially my wedding day and I just got out of my hot tub and I'm getting ready for bed. Dreams has been AMAZING!!!! I will give a full review when I return but I just wanted to let you know that I am having the most amazing time! We've been here two full days and have had nothing but compliments from our guest and amazing service! They have fulfilled everything they promised and even upgraded us to the Master Suite (which is amazing more than words!). My groom is tucked away in his personal room for the night and I am so excited for the morning to get here! It's going to be a
  7. Hey fellow brides! I leave Sunday to head to dreams and my wedding is Tuesday. They are calling for Tropical Storm Richard to hit Cancun Tuesday so please keep in on your prayer request that it changes direction this weekend! I really want to have a beautiful day for my wedding! Will let yall know how everything went when I return. Oh yeah, I told Ana that I wanted to eat my cake in a resturant (because we are having a small ceremony) and it was going to be $15 per person plus tax and gratuity which ended up being like $320 just to have a reservation for the 15 of us. Crazy! I'm going to try
  8. Ok ladies...I'm leaving in exactly one week to head to Dreams to have my wedding in 9 days! OH MY! Did anyone ever figure out the whole petal thing? Ana needs to know if I want to purchase rose petals from her and I was wondering if anyone ever went to the local Walmart there and bought roses to use for petals? I am not having a large wedding but I do want the isle covered in petals and I have petal cones for my guest which will run around $330+ just for the bags of rose petals from Dreams. Decisions...decisions
  9. Ok, so does anyone know if you are allowed to take flying wish lanterns and use them on the beach??? I would love to take some and send them off but who knows where they would end up and I wouldn't want to get in trouble
  10. I am taking down my own material because they do provide other options for the huppa (besides white...this option is included) but they charge a small fortune just to change the colors of the material on the huppa. So, I am going to take my own material down and have them use it to add a splash of color to the wedding Â
  11. Ok, so I am taking down my own material to put on the huppa. I think tulle is too see thru...does anyone else have any suggestion as to what I should use? My colors are watermelon and tangerine
  12. Ana told me that there would be no outside vendor fee for my photographer because they will only be there 3 hours. I am using Claudia for the wedding and Juan for a TTD a few days later. By purchasing the smaller time packages, neither require a food pass so Ana said I would not have to pay the vendor fee. I hope Gabby keeps Ana's word! I have it in writting so I hope she will! Â
  13. Wow! Your dresses are amazing! When is your wedding? What decor are you taking down or using? Â
  14. Does anyone remember who the past bride was that recently got married at DRC and her colors were pink and orange and she had pics of the huppa covered in those colors? I've gone back thru the posts and can't seem to find her or any of her posts. I wanted to get her pics to show the coordinator for my setup. Any help would be great!
  15. My TA said that Gabriela wants to have everything final 2 weeks before the wedding. She said that Ana waited till 2 days before when the couples arrived and it was too stressful. She is sending me all the options and I am picking everything out. I am taking alot of my decoratoins down with me also because I think they charge way too much! So, as your date gets closer (probably in the next 2 months) you'll want to talk with the wedding coordinator. Â
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