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  1. kathy and yolanda, i am sorry it took so long to get you the pictures i missed the messages you had sent. If you need more, let me know Kevin
  2. I got 70 pictures printed from him and put them in an album myself. Not sure if he offers an album, but i would rather do it myself anyways that way it goes in the order I want,
  3. kgirl, You should have the pictures in your e-mail. Let me know what you think
  4. We got married 2 weeks ago and he was very pleasent to work with and was accomodating of anyone that wanted a special picture. Pictures looked good. We were very happy with his services. We did not book him a room at our resort nor does he require or ask you too. He drove down from cancun where he lives and shot the pictures. I posted a review of him on another thread. Saved a lot of money using him versus the resort photographer.
  5. send me an e-mail and i can reply with some of his pictures for you. kbloco1@sbcglobal.net
  6. We just got married last weekend and used Octavio for our wedding photos and we couldnt be happier. I was a little worried when we booked him and he is cost was so much lower than others we had researched. Octavio took great pictures, was very friendly, took time to take any pictures we asked for, and delivered our printed pictures to us within 3 days of our wedding. I highly recomend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer was their Cancun/Riviera Maya wedding. His website is octaviomontes.com if you are interested.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Chrystal Hello!! Just got married here last thursday and loved it!!! There were 22 of us who went down and everyone was more than happy with the resort. The food is great at all of the restaurants, and no one got sick, with the exception of my two year old nephew (which could have been from too much sun and just a more sensitive stomach being so young) I really don't know how anyone could complain about the resort, the beach is absolutely beautiful!! The rooms in the beach section are a little old, but do the trick and really you're not in there very much. The wedding planner Maria is sooo sweet and will do anything to make you happy, she puts in crazy hours and works so hard. My only dissapointment with the wedding is that there were three weddings the same day as ours, and all three of us had our reception in the Italian Buffet at the same time....which was more than a little ackward!!! Just confirm with Maria that there are no other receptions at the same time as yours. The ceremony was so nice though and they really go out of their way for you. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, or if you want to see any pics just let me know. If I could do it all over again at Sandos I would!!! I loved it there :-) I just got married this this weekend and would agree and disagree with you. maria was good and is hard working but the food there is not good. I would say you get what you pay for. Sandos is a lower cost resort which means you are paying for what you get. The french restaurant was great though!!! While I would not return to this resort again, the wedding was beautiful as is the resort. they keep it very clean and the beach is gorgeous. We enjoyed our wedding(even with a few minor issues) and know that everyone who gets married there will love their wedding and the pictures you will get. Food, as you can see, some like it some don't. Go with the expectation that the food isn't good and you can't be disappointed. With have many pictures(over a 1000) and if you would like to see some send me an e-mail and I will send you some of whatevr you would like. kbloco1@sbcglobal.net
  8. cara, I can tell you that you will almost always get a better deal booking air and hotel together. United vacations usually has good deals at diferent times depending on where you are flying out of and we also booked some of our stuff on travelocity. be patient and you see some good rates come out especially in the 4-6 month time frame prior to your trip. Also, if you book through a travel agent they will find you the best deals and will keep looking for it. Most don't charge anything as they make commision on everything they book for you and you don;t have to pay for most of your trip till it gets close to travel time.
  9. i am using an outside photographer for my wedding. They told me we just need to pay for a day pass for them.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kansas city bride Hi All, Does anybody have any information on the private reception. Like rental fees and cost of food and what type of food? Just looking into it. Thanks For private events these are the new prices for this 2009, i'll work with these prices at least until July 2010. Private events are not included in your "All Inclusive" package, so they have additional charges because you will have a reserved area just for your whole group of guests. Available time is from 6.30 pm to 10:30pm. Place: beach or pool area far away from the beach. Site fees= 500USD on the beach (minimum number 40 people) Site fees by the pool= 400USD (minimum number 40 people) Site fee royal elite palapa= 600USD (minimum number 40 people) menu charge per person = since 39USD per person open bar = since 10 USD per person per hour Music.. DJ= 50USD per hour 15% service and 10% taxes (of the total amount of the event)
  11. can someone tell me how much its costs to get wedding dress ironed at Sandos?
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