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  1. Thanks Asbarret, will have a look now xx Keep pushing re the fee they are trying to charge you, that is ridiculous!
  2. Hi Girls Does anyone have any pics of the types of flower arrangements/colours/bouquet etc for the free wedding package? Thanks x
  3. What a detailed and informative review!!! Thanks Leigh, it's brilliant and sooo helpful x
  4. Hi Ladies, does anyone know how many songs I will need for a civil ceremony? And when in the ceremony should they be played? I have no idea... Thanks x
  5. HI Ladies  Here is my contact with the new MP Photography people, she emailed me last week with the new price list (which I can't find a way to post on here so will try to copy it somehow). The prices have gone up and they do different packages now so I'm finding it hard to choose!!  Here's the email address: cancun-anaist@smilemarket.com  Her name is Anais so if you email her she should be able to help.
  6. I am 14 weeks away (and counting!). At the mo I am more excited than anything but that is mostly thanks to all the help and tips I have got from this site otherwise I would be really worried!! Am sure I will be more stressed closer to time tho ... Am also trying to get used to the new look site but am sure after time we will all get it :-) I had saved 'favourites' to links to the threads I usually go on and they still work.
  7. Veronica, thanks for emailing me the pics and info on Mariachi, you have been so helpful! Still haven't decided but seriously considering the Mexican Trio for our ceremony... One more question for you and some other brides to be may also be able to help... I have booked an MP photographer but after seeing your pics I am so impressed!! I would also love TTD pics too and don't think MP do those...(?) Can you tell me how much it cost to get Tammara & Grant please? I know people have mentioned you have to pay for them to stay at the MP etc so was wonderng how much more it would cost than the MP photo packages? Thanks x
  8. Good luck Woodsylou!!! You would not believe how excited I am for you and I don't even know you!! All the best for your wedding hunni, you are soooo well prepared I am sure everything will be fantastic! Am looking forward to your review xx
  9. Thanks for taking time out on your hols to write this Chelle, it's very thoughtful and reassuring of you!! And... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooo pleased you had a fab day xx
  10. I know what you mean, it's another thing to worry about... might have a search on the web for some ideas :-)
  11. Planning is sooo much better thanks to this forum!! We are pretty much organised, still waiting for my dress but it should be ready at the bginning of September and then I will go out and get the shoes, got the ring (gorgeous!). I want to do a sand ceremony and want to get the heart shaped vases but can't get them in the UK so currently trying to find out how much shipping is from the US. One thing I'm not too sure about is how the vows work? Do I have to put some of my own together? Are we even allowed to? I haven't a clue about that bit and we're having a civil ceremony... any ideas? x
  12. Angelov321 - we have picked a great date - I can feel it!! Hope you're planning is going well x
  13. YAY!!!! In 4 months time I will be a 'Mrs' - really can't wait! x
  14. Hi Ladies, I am a November Bride too, getting married on 12th Nov in Moon Palace, Cancun!! Soooo excited and absolutely loving this forum (what would I have done without it...?). Any other November Moon Palace brides out there? x
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