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  1. Thank ladies for your understanding!! We are trying to help you on this special day!! I will want to coordinate with you a date and time, so I can be online to answer any question that you might have through the forum. Just let me know, when will be better for all of you. Best regards, Tiara
  2. Good morning, Brides: I write these notes, because I understand that you are not using this resource as a way to help each other or exchange information, sometimes you are using it as a place for criticism. The critics are good, just only when you discuss it with the person that you are dealing with. Once, one of you told me that many of the brides who write here do not value what we do for you on this side, and now I really think she was right. I understand that many of you are in other countries and cities, so you will need a lot of information, photos, ideas and others, but jus
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