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  1. Thank ladies for your understanding!! We are trying to help you on this special day!! I will want to coordinate with you a date and time, so I can be online to answer any question that you might have through the forum. Just let me know, when will be better for all of you. Best regards, Tiara
  2. Good morning, Brides: I write these notes, because I understand that you are not using this resource as a way to help each other or exchange information, sometimes you are using it as a place for criticism. The critics are good, just only when you discuss it with the person that you are dealing with. Once, one of you told me that many of the brides who write here do not value what we do for you on this side, and now I really think she was right. I understand that many of you are in other countries and cities, so you will need a lot of information, photos, ideas and others, but just want you to understand that just as you, another 200 in other places that need attention as well. This is the reason that most of the time, the emails are not as quickly as we want. Not mentioning that on a wedding date, we also have to be coordinating and preparing everything. Another thing that I want to mention are the prices, unfortunately the hotel has outdoors vendors such as flowers, musicians, rental of chairs, etc, and somentimes not only we have to wait for a quotation from them, also even if we consider that a quotation is expensive, there are the only providers near by the hotel, since La Romana is about 30 minutes from where is located the property and Higuey to 1 hour or more. I really regret that sometimes the prices do not go with your budgets or the service that you require is not as quickly as possible. But at least you should imagine how things are on the other side of the coin. We work hard (and that's why they pay us), we work from early morning (like now) to unimaginable late hours, also on our day off, we check our emails at home trying to provide you better services. The hotel hired another wedding coordinator, since there is a lot of work here and only myself handle more than 250 brides at this moment; so one more person was added to the department. She will be contacting some of you, as we have divided some weddings. I will ask you to give her your best support, since she is just starting. Similarly, I ask for your understanding and also to consider that here we are all human and none is perfect. I was a bride once (my wedding was in October 24, 2009) and I fully understand your positions. But I know we must take into consideration the distance, as in my case I was here, but I also use outside vendors and I was stressful too. Even now, when I think on that day, there are a few things that if I could change it, I would do it. I would like to apologize if at any time you have felt offended, or not treated with importance, I assure you this is not the intention. I (and now my partner) are here to help and serve you in everything we can, to make your day unforgettable. We are here to work with you as a team, not to create barriers... Have a great day! Tiara
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