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  1. Hi, After much searching, we've decided on Azul Beach and have set the date for June 28th, 2010. Just wondering if there are any past Azul Beach brides with any advice or any upcoming ones who want to share thoughts concerns. Tracey
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    Thanks for all the warm wishes and helpful comments. I know picking the place is the hardest part so deep breaths, I'll get there. An aside to my fellow Calgarian, cheer a little louder the Flames are in a big time slump, 7 losses in a row! Ouch!
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    Hi, Here's my obligatory newbie post: Name: Tracey Wedding date: June 27, 2010 or as close to as possible, will depend on where we choose to go Where: Still looking, way flexible on where, want best price for my wedding guests. Has to be child friendly, adult friendly, scuba friendly. Prefer all- inclusive coming from Calgary, Canada mostly any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!
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