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  1. that would be great!!! i think i've read every review on the net...everything sounds great, just need real life advice! I might just take the plunge....i'm sure everything will turn out just fine.
  2. I haven't read much about Wicky's restaurant /beach club and was wondering if anyone has an idea of what a ceremony on their beach and reception would be like So far the reviews are good, but has anyone had their wedding here or been to one? Can't get down there before I put a deposit down for a wedding in October...please help!
  3. Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been together for seven years and he FINALLY proposed! We always talked about having a beach wedding, so we have narrowed it down to Playa del Carmen, but I have no clue where we want to stay. I have a group about 30-40 people coming, that all like to have a good time...so I think all-inclusive is the way to go. I have contacted Wicky's Restaurant and Beach Club and I am seriously considering having the ceremony on their beach and the reception. I haven't really done too much resort research for hosting the wedding there, but I like the fact we can party into the wee hours of the night, and pretty sure the costs are about the same. Any ideas to which resort has the best beaches, service, and location..hoping for walking distance to downtown. Happy planning!
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