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  1. Sandy, Congrats and have a great time!! I am so excited to see your pics and hear all about it!! Thanks for your help! Jamie
  2. Allyson- who are you using as a coordinator? I contacted Dazzling Details, but they don't do weddings over winter break Do you know of any others?
  3. I think we have decided on VillaMagna...the food when we went was fabulous- it appears that they have worked out the kinks some of you described. I choose VillaMagna because I was concerned about there being multiple weddings on my day/ weekend at PV. I also have had a much easier time getting in touch with the wedding coordinator at VillaMagna...PV takes several days to a week to get back to my emails, and are not as helpful at VillaMagna. Sandy- any info on contacts would be great!!
  4. Allyson- did you have your ceremony and reception at the hotel as well? IF so, what locations did you choose?
  5. Thanks for your responses! Mhabas- I feel similarly about your pros and cons of each. As I only stayed at the Villamagna, I did not get to eat at Dreams PV- was the food much different? I enjoyed the restaurants at Villamagna (not so much the buffet) but was not able to compare them to PV...what did you think?
  6. Aussie- I have been in contact with Cynthia Salcedo, her email is groups@dreamsvillamagna.com. Good luck with contacting her!
  7. Sandy- thanks!! Please do! May I ask where is your reception and ceremony going to be at VillaMagna? How many guests will you be having?
  8. jdusold


    I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta in December- any recommendations/ advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Hello- I just got back from Dreams VillaMagna and had a fabulous time!! I visited both Dreams VM and Dreams PV for possible wedding locations, and loved them both!! I am having the hardest time deciding which one to choose!! I want to take my guests for a rehersal dinner in PV, so am not sure if Dreams PV would be more convenient, but I LOVE the Gohan Rooftop bar and VM!! Any suggestions/ ideas would be very helpful!!
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