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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JuneWeddingDreams DM24 - welcome to forum. I am getting married at Dreams Cancun June 8th 2010...maybe we can meet up for a drink. We are getting so excited already!!! That would be great to meet for drinks. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I still have to pick out my flowers! Do you have all your planning done?
  2. Thanks JT3...I did actually get a calling card and called this week. Claudia is on vacation but I booked the date I wanted with the assistant. She said when Claudia gets back I'll get the confirmation email. I'm so happy about it and it is such a relief to finally have a date so I can get the word out. Have you already picked your flowers and decorations? Congrats to you too and good luck!
  3. Hi, My name is Danielle from Arlington, Virginia. I'm planning on getting married in June 2010 (still working on the date w/ the wedding coordinator - hoping for June 6) at Dreams Cancun Resort. I'm incredibly frustrated with the lack of communication from the wedding coordinator and have been trying to set a date since June. The resort looks so beautiful, particularly the wedding gazebo so I'm hesitant to go somewhere else.
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