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  1. Hi Lovelytlc, I have not sold these yet. If you were still interested please send me a payment via paypal at cabrera08@yahoo.com. Pleaes PM me your mailing address too. Thanks! Peggy
  2. Hello Ladies! I have 8 (lime green) drawstring backpacks for sale that I had as my OOT bags. These backpacks were a hit on the beach especially for the males cause they toted them around the resort. They do not have any logos on them. If you would like to purchase them all together they are $25 (including shipping) OBO. Thanks! Peggy bp.doc
  3. I have (13) 24" diameter inflateable beach balls for sale. I guess I miscalculated when I was putting together my OOT bags. I am willing to sell them for $10 for all or $1 each. Includes shipping. They are multi colored. Payment via Paypal. Thanks! Peggy
  4. I am willing to sell them for $7 (including shipping). Thanks!!
  5. Hello Ladies, I am going through some items that I had left over from my wedding. I have 3pink floralytes (submersible in water) and about 1lb of colorfill vase filler. I used this as part of my centerpiece. I am willing to sell them together for $9 (includes shipping) OBO if you want them separate just let me know. Accepting Paypal for payment. Thanks! Peggy Floralytes.doc
  6. I have 6 - 8" x 8" mirrors that were used as part of the centerpieces for my wedding. I am willing to sell them for $18 (including shipping) OBO. Accepting Paypal. Thanks!! mirror.doc
  7. I am selling leftover eco-friendly wedding confetti. I have approximately a little over 8 quarts (32 cups). One bag hasn't been open at all while I consolidated the 2 bags. This confetti is perfect for "green" weddings as it will not hurt birds and it disappears the first time it rains. There is no clean up needed! It's also not slippery like other confetti products. This product is used in white in the movie industry as fake snow as it flutters like snow when you throw it. I am willing to sell them all for $30 (includes shipping). Thanks! Peggy confetti1.ppt
  8. I got them from efavormart.com. I am willing to reduce these to $50 including shipping. Thanks!!
  9. Below is a brief description of the overlays that I purchased for my wedding but never used them because changed the color scheme. I have 8 of them and willing to sell them for $60 including shipping. Taffeta Crinkle Overlays 60" x 60" square This overlay is a perfect combination of modernity and tradition. With delicate crinkles exuberating all over the surface, it adds a little sophistication to your simple table cloths. You can easily create a luxurious and elegant tone. Your guests will never forget the sparkling personality conveyed from this unique overlay. Size
  10. I am selling 50 clear plastic luggage tag LOOPS that I used for my guests. I am willing to sell them for $12 (includes shipping). I am sorry I can't seem to edit the subject line to reflect this change. Let me know if you have any questions. Accepting Paypal Thanks!! Peggy
  11. Did you take the information from a travel agent? Or was the wording and everything done from scratch? I feel like I am so behind on these DIY projects. My poor guests may end up with just a bath towel and sunscreen and thats it! HAHAHA Great job on the welcome booklet! Peggy
  12. Thanks everyone for all your encourgement! Thanks to the wonderful helpful brides on here I am finally making some headway with my invitations! To Amygirl1169 - I am actually getting married at Dreams La Romana - it looks like you're getting married there too just 4 days after my wedding!!! I'm sure I'll see ya there! Thanks for the dreams link too!
  13. Hello ladies, I am getting married on April 24th in La Romana, Dominican Republic. However, I have a late start with the invitations. I'm in desperate of templates or cool clipart because I've decided to make my own pocketfold invitations. Hope you all can help or direct me on where to go for some cool templates. Peggy
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