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  1. Hi Lisa! We booked them very early...just because I am a list person and I like to check things off my list :-) I probably booked both back in May. I just told Yamina I wanted Juan and DJ Mannia, and since they are the "in house" vendors, she handles coordinating the confirmation with them. Which is also helpful! Let me know if you have any other q's! happy planning! Valerie
  2. Hi! We are using Juan Navarro (the resort's photographer). I think he takes nice pictures and he works with an assistant, so that saves the $200 vendor fee to bring in 'outside' photographers. And, yes, we booked DJ Mannia as well. He got wonderful reviews on here and Yamina was telling me that garuntee DJ servies for anyone other than him--so I went with the safe bet! I am just bringing down a list of songs, so that if it isnt going as planned I can tell him to follow the list! I also heard he does a great job MC'ing...so that is helpful to have him introduce everything..you know? 2012 will be here before you know it! We picked EPM in November of 2009....so TIME FLYS! I will def send pictures and write a review once I am back! Valerie
  3. Hey Ladies! I know we just had a mini "rush" of brides getting married at EPM and I was just wondering who is next?! I am getting married on 2/6/11...so, slightly two months away. Anyone close to the big day too? I am really looking forward to it and REALLY appreciate all the brides writing reviews once they got back!! Thanks ladies! Valerie
  4. Hi Rebecca- We are going with DJ Mannia for our wedding. He is the "in house" DJ at EPM. Yamina qouted me $930 for 4 hours of service, microphones, MC, and lights. We are also getting the light up dance floor and she qouted me $550. I also orginally asked about using DJ Doremixx (heard about him on this forum) but Yamins kept saying she cant confirm his services and that I would need to pay for him and any assistants he brings...which could be an extra $200 on top of their service fee. So, I read good reviews about DJ Mannia and I will just be giving him a HUGE list of DNPs (Do Not Plays) and Must Play songs. I am also meeting with him when I get down to the resort prior to the wedding. Hope this helps! Valerie
  5. Do you mind forwarding me the pictures that Yamina sent you of the venues? I would love to see the options? Also, did she send you a schedule of when the venues were open & closed? Thanks! My email is valeriefearns@gmail.com Valerie
  6. Do you have a picture of it and what size it is? I am thinking I dont want to do the one shouldar look again at the reception just because that was what I did for the ceremony look. Not sure, I havent really started searching for it yet....
  7. Hey Ladies! I knwo its been awhile since I have been on, but here is my dress! All of your dresses look awesome, I am thinking about getting one for the reception because I want to be able to get my groove on since we are getting a DJ!! Hope you all are doing well.
  8. Uhleesa- I am using DJ Mannia and his services include an MC. It was $930 for 4 hours and that includes the equipment, DJ services, MC, lights, and a wireless microphone. I dont think that Yamina will MC, if you arent using a DJ service, you may have to just have someone from your wedding party or a guest do it. Hope that helps! Did any of you girls get pictures of what the possible venues for the reception/cocktail hour look like? I am a VERY visual person and I need to see what the space looks like before confirming venues with Yamina. Thanks, happy planning! Valerie
  9. Everything looks AMAZING. The pictures looks so great, Juan seems like a great photographer and I love the dress, I bought a San Patrick too, looks very similar in shape! I had a couple questions, where did you guys have your reception at? I really want to do an outside space like yours, I was originally hoping for the Spice Terrace. What time of day did you guys get married? I am doing Feb of 2011 and getting married at 5pm, I was worried we may have to take pictures before the ceremony. Another other advice?! Everything looks great and Yamina looks so cute, I cant wait to meet her!!
  10. Congrats Cathleen! Everything sounds wonderful! I am so relieved to hear another positive review! I was wondering if you could send me any pictures you had of your wedding ceremony/recpetion set-up? I am really trying to get a visual in my mind of how I want things to look and Yamina mentioned they cant confirm venues till a month prior. Where was your reception? Thanks! My email is valeriefearns@gmail.com Hope everyone's planning is going well!
  11. Hi! Would you mind emailing me your Welcome to Mexico brochure, I can not open it as an attachment since I am still not a full memeber? Thanks, my email is valeriefearns@gmail.com Valerie
  12. Hi Ladies, I havent been on in awhile, I have been working on getting our website/STDs out to all our guests. I am getting married on 2/6/11 and recently started working Yamina on all the plans. I was wondering if anyone else (who is planning a wedding now with her) was told we can only use DJ Mannia? I am a little bit nervous because I wanted to go with DJ Dormixx instead, but Yamina said they only work with Mannia Company. Had anyone used him before? Also, did Yamina mention to anyone that they cant confirm venue (aka X Lounge, etc) until a month prior to the wedding? Thanks ladies, happy planning.
  13. Hi Ladies! I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted anything, but that doesnt mean I havent been reading all the information you guys post! I had a question, if anyone has used a DJ from an outside vendor who did you use? I saw one recommendation for DJ Doremixx, but I was hoping to contact multiple GOOD (!) DJs. Thanks Ladies!
  14. Congrats! Thanks for keeping us up to date! Cant wait to read your full review and see the pictures!
  15. Hey Girls-- Hope everyone is doing well! I also cant access any PDF files on here. If anyone as information/pictures on ceremony decor and reception ideas, if you dont mind could you send them to valeriefearns@gmail.com Also, I just recently booked my wedding for 2/6/2011. Should I expect that the coordinator will contact me soon? I dont even have her email address yet?! Thanks for all your help ladies. Happy Planning!