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  1. Thanks ladies, Jemma..that was $3200 American dollars. We had 46 including me and hubby and kids. I think if you have a fairly fun crowd it should be fine. The poolside area we were in wasnt huge so it never felt like a small group. Tanya... Our lanterns had batteries at the top. My husband took a clip with flat battery and hooked it to the inside. It was a bit windy and some came down throughout the night, but otherwise it did the job. I would say it would have been fine without the battery as well because they hang them around the palapas by the DJ and they were noticeable because of the lights the DJ brought. -For the 1700 pictures he touched up 160 of his favorites that he used in the slideshow. So those 160 I got on a disc as well as all the other unedited ones. Of the 160, there are about 120 of wedding ones and 40 trash the dress approx I dont remember what the flowers cost exactly.. It really depends on the kind of flowers you want. Im pretty sure the ladies flowers came to under $100 for all of them. And the mens were $15 each and they were just birds of paradise. August 5th is just around the corner!!! It will all be great =)
  2. Tanya-Karolina- For us they pushed all the tables together. So we had about 4 long tables. The table cloths were just white but they did put the flowers and shells I gave them and on the tables, and it added a little something. The chairs where just the regular chairs but Im sure you could ask for something different if you really wanted it, for a cost of course! I think if your willing to pay they can do anything. I was a little worried about the dinner before we left and thought it might be ugly, but it actually wasnt an issue. For those wondering about price for Arricife. We paid $3200 total. For me getting ready, the wedding, the full reception, and also trash the dress on a different day. We got all the pictures on cd, (1700 of them) Plus he put together a really nice slideshow with music of his favorite pictures. I will try to put a link to my facebook page if you want to take a look There are 2 albums- The second one has some non professional ones though. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150592474140032.681647.891895031&l=54880e901f http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150592616010032.681689.891895031&l=eadd0e1391
  3. Hey Christi, For our oots we handed them out to eat person/couple. As soon as we got settled I put them all together and met up with everybody for a welcome dinner at the Akumal buffet. But since your guests are ariving on different days and times I would hang them out as they come. The hotel could possibly lose them, they actually lost our huge bin of bubba kegs (but we found it 2 days later) As for your music, If your worried you can bring an extra song or 2. We just brought them on cd and wrote out what each song was for. I wish we brought more songs because I was about 8 mins late and apparently they played out 4 songs for seating the guests, then there was no music for 8 mins until the bridesmaids and I got there and our songs played for our walk down the isle. I was super happy about that! Megz, I would tell them as soon as possible what you want. There are so many weddings there you wouldnt want it to get booked up. For your hair you can wait until you get there to book, just check with Maria to be sure but we were given the option when we got there. As for the DJ we hired dj Bijan and paid the $90 for his daypass. He was Great! The Dj the hotel uses is DJ Bob and I saw a wedding later in the week with him and it actually looked really good, he has lots of lights.
  4. Amber Janet- The cost is $5 a day for the safe...but for the bride and groom it was free =) Crystalz..After we went in the ocean (right up to my neck) My husband and I stood in the shower to rinse off the sand and ocean water. And my dress looks ok, dirty on the bottom but otherwise fine. Just make sure to lay it out on your deck to dry it after =)
  5. Hi Tanya... I actuallly didnt bring down any fabric. The Chairs had bows on them with my colours as part of the decorations Eugenia did. And if you dont bring down any fabric for the wood structure they just use white, and I was ok with that. I was worried it would look really boring, but it didnt. We had them use alot of flower peddles down the isle to brighten it up. I will try to find pictures of what the chairs looked like and send them to you. Christi.. I was really suprised that my dress made it through without any real damage. It was actually really dirty from the wedding night and when I went in the ocean alot of it came off so it looks better than It did. I hoping after a trip to the cleaners it comes back as good as new
  6. Crystalz.. we watched a sample from the videographer and decided against it onbly because we have Diego do a trash the dress session with us on a seperate day, plus had him come to the reception. I thought the quality looked pretty good and we would have done it had we not blown our budget on pictures. I will try to post a couple pictures for you to see how great Diego is...We are really happy with the results
  7. This was our cake from just 2 weeks ago. We gave Eugenia the cake topper and had extra shells and ribbon and told her to use if for something if she could. I was pleased to see that she was able to use it for the cake. We got Vanilla and it was really yummy, our guests just loved it
  8. Oh my gosh...Great reviews, thank you so much ladies. Tara- Where did you get your fabric? Did you pack it in you suitcase? it must have been heavy- I leave in 7 days so its probly to late- but your hammocks set up was so beautiful I want to do the same thing in my colours
  9. Great Review...Makes me so excited...only 8 more day till we leave...ahhh Any suggestions from past brides on excursions or any fun stuff I should tell my guests to do off the resort? Can you buy excursion packages at the resort, are they good ones? Did anybody go to Walmart in Playa?? I know random question- but Im trying to find out if they sell baby food and the Quality of it
  10. Saucy Friend- I was told to bring my own fabric if I wanted it---bummer I know. I was going to bring it, but now decided not to- I have 2 kids and tons of oot bag stuff to pack to thats just one more thing to bring down. I love Jason Mraz- Im yours- Great Pick!!! Im glad to hear you dont really think about the music- cause I have been over thinking the timing of it all...Im going to have to crawl down the aisle to hear the entire song I think,,,,lol
  11. Oh my, We have under 2 weeks to go now....yikes What are you guys doing for music? are you bringing your ceremony music on ipod or cd? How many songs? I have asked and I always get," ok sure " ? I worried about the length of the song, how long does it take to walk down the sand I wonder...I would hate to get there half way through the song and just be standing there till it finishes. What songs are you guys using for when the guests take their seats?
  12. Im getting close to being ready...just labels and oot bag things to finish. Plus some shopping to do for clothes =) We have 46 including us and kids, what about you? Its getting sooo close for us, Im at the gym pretty much everyday from now till then... almost Bikini time!!
  13. Hi jadk, Yes the hammocks is the beach, but maybe there is more than one spot- Not sure? Cause we are getting married at 4pm. Then dinner at Dolce Vita and poolside reception with DJ Bijan Are you guys staying in Akumal? Are you doing a reception?
  14. Saucy Friend...Im getting married May 4th at the Hammocks...Cant freaking wait- only 5 weeks to go. We dont leave till late on the 15th, so maybe I will see you there =)
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