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  1. I forgot to mention, I chose Cecilia Dumas as my photographer and she was awesome to work with. She was extremely efficient and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
  2. We just got married on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 6:00 pm at the gazebo. Here is my review: The Good- We arrived on Tuesday, June 8th and met with Ana in the evening. She is very friendly an she took us around the property to show us all of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception locations. We had our ceremony at the gazebo, cocktail hour at the jacuzzi and reception on the deck. I gave Ana written instructions on how I wanted everything that I brought down to be laid out for the ceremony & the reception. Here I thought that this would make things easier. The resort is very pretty and clean. All my guests were really happy that we chose this resort. The Bad: Rehearsal was set for the morning of the wedding day at 9:00 am. We are a group of late 20's to early 30's. Ana was a whole hour late to rehearsal. Needless to say, that really pissed me off. She did not even bother to call to let me know, we had to go to the front desk to hunt her down. She told me on the phone that she would be 20 minutes late. 20 minutes later we had the front desk call her again and she said another 15 minutes. She did not start my day off well. It also set back the rest of my wedding party for their hair/makeup appointments at the spa. Ana finally met us up at rehearsal and apologized many times, she had to knock off the price of the flowers and let all of my guests coming from other properties with no day pass fees. The ceremony was beautiful and cocktail hour went smooth. Here is what made my day bad again...when I got to the reception, and the emcee announced that we were going to cut the cake. The cake was not even at the reception, they were literally rolling it in and that was embarassing. After we cut the cake, they never brought it back out. We rented the sound system and the technician or whoever lost my cd. Thank god my husband (now) had all our songs backed up on his Iphone. And the tech refused to turn up the music. The contract states that music has to be turned off at 11pm. It was not even close to the time. My uncle had to go and confront him. The spa messed up all my aunt's appointment times at the spa. That was not needed. I'm was really fortunate to have my friend who is an makeup artist and hair stylist come down to get me ready for the wedding day. All my aunts and my mom were not happy with the results with hair and makeup from the spa. Ladies, be warned, they do not do a good job. Overall, the wedding events looked really pretty, but I was not happy with all the things that went wrong. Ana did what she could to make things better. DRC has over 388 weddings scheduled this year and this should be second nature to them. And they still do not have it down and that was really stressful. They picked the wrong bride to mess with!
  3. I can't believe that our wedding is coming up in 25 days!! Time surely flew by. I have some questions for the brides that have already gotten married at DRC. We are having the cocktail hour before the reception. On the wedding contract, it says to pick one cold and one hot appetizer. There are 3 categories of the cold one's and 3 of the hot one's. Ana is so vague on answering my questions as usual. Does that mean I get to pick only one cold and one hot appetizer? Or do I get everything listed under the hot and cold appetizer category? Also, we have about 39 guests coming to the wedding. As far as the menus go..can we get the buffet menu if we have less than 40 people. I understand that it is mandatory if we have more than 40 people. Or do we only get the sit down dinner menu. If we choose the buffet, do we get everything on that menu or have to choose items under each category?
  4. Hello Ladies! I can't believe that the wedding is exactly in one month from today. We are super excited yet it's so stressful at the same time right now. As far as the rose petals go..I wanted to write and say that Ana does not allow rose petals to be thrown on the beach. But, she does allow it if you are getting married at the gazebo. So I went to Michael's and bought a few boxes of the silk rose petals and will have Ana scatter them on the aisle before the ceremony starts.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo There are two types of chairs that are included these are white banquet chairs with a white cover in a lycra looking material - see attached. Or the white garden chairs, think wood - see attached. Also one of the ladies asked about a long table option versus the round reception dinner table option, there is a picture attached there. Note, that the first two pictures that show the banquet chairs is also the rain back up at DRC. let me know if there are other pictures that you ladies would like to see. I had to break up the attachment into three as otherwise they are too big Happy planning! Do you mind emailing these attachments to me at dee414@gmail.com. I am not able to open them, it says that I do not have enough member points =(.
  6. Originally Posted by ebernard4985 I asked Ana specifically about this because we had already confirmed Juan. She kept sending me pics from Adventure Photos so I was concerned that there was a change, which there obviously was. However, Ana told me that Juan would still be my photographer in June.... I hate to say this but we all know how unreliable Ana's word is!!!! I am getting super frustrated because the communication with this resort SUCKS!!! My wedding is in about two months and you would think they could respond to an email. I don't care how busy Ana is or how many weddings they have booked, they are a resort and they are providing a service, so they need to hire more people to match the demand!!!! (Sorry... I am just tired of being nice about it because it is sooooooo frustrating!!!) I know how you feel! After waiting 2 weeks for an answer to my questions, Ana emailed me back to let me know that she has received my email and will get back to me. That makes me so frustrated!!!!!!!! My wedding is exactly 2 months from today, it would be nice to get some prompt and clear answers since the wedding is coming up very soon.
  7. If any of you ladies have the script that the officiant uses for the ceremony, could you please email it to me at dee414@gmail.com. Also, are you able to make changes to the script or maybe I could possibly bring my own? Is that an option? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ebernard4985 Just need to vent for a minute...... Are any of you getting overwhelmed by all of the extra fees? It seems everytime I email Ana she sends back with some other additional cost. At first she told me that the beach set up included the arch (not the decorations though). Now she wrote me saying that the arch would be extra. I understand that they need to charge extra for the things they need to purchase from vendors... but honestly, they already have the chairs and arch. It just seems a little ridiculous. I feel that the resort does not accommodate to the weddings, after all, without the weddings the resorts would not have as many guests! Having my wedding at their resort is bringing in 20 extra rooms that would not have otherwise been booked! On top of that it is an all-inclusive resort where your guests are already paying extra for their food and drinks.... and then we still have to pay an additional $100 a person for a reception dinner. I am getting so frustrated by all of this because what I thought would be a $10,000 wedding has continued to grow everyday! I guess this is what I must deal with to have the destination wedding that I want..... thanks for listening to me vent.... sometimes I feel like this forum is the only place where people understand me! I think we emailed each other awhile back. We are getting married within a few days of each other. I totally feel the same way you do about the price quotes. I always check the price list that Ana had emailed to me, but when she quotes a price to me on a item for the wedding, it is much higher. So I had asked her about it and she always gives me some bogus answer like "Oh I will have to get management to change the price online". That is extremely aggravating to me since I have calculated all my prices according to the price list which list for 2009-2010. When it comes to her answering my questions, most of the time I only get half of them answered. I got so frustrated that I had to email Rod Gahr (one of the Directors of the resort). Then I started to get answers. You can get Rod's email from the facebook page. Sorry I do not have it anymore. Good luck planning everyone. Good to know I am not the only one who is frustrated with Ana. What keeps me going is that Dreams if known for their weddings. And everyone who actually had their wedding there, has been really happy. Guess it comes with the whole process of planning a wedding out of the country.
  9. Hello! I have been checking this website on a daily basis. We are getting married on June 13, 2010. Is anyone bringing wedding programs to the ceremony? I am still undecided if they are really necessary or not, since it's a destination wedding. Just wondering what other people's thoughts were on this.
  10. I just got engaged. I'm on this forum reading reviews to try to find the perfect resort to get married at.
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