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    October 2010 - Dreams Riviera Cancun

    We are planning on getting married there too!!! Do you have a date in mind? We have to keep in touch while planning!
  2. vix1383

    Guilt for Chosing DW

    I am experiencing the same thing now. My family (aunts and uncles) had the nerve to remind me that "since there are so many teachers in the family", we should reconsider our date and do it during Thanksgiving!!! We have chosen 10.16.10 because that is what we wanted!!! Funny thing is, there are only three teachers and four school age children on the guest list - out of 130 ppl!! Stick to your guns and remember that a wedding is about you and your fiance. I am thankful that my fiance and I are on the same page and it's great to have someone stand behind you. Good luck and congratualtions!
  3. My fiance and I finally chose a location and date for our wedding! October 16, 2010 at the new Dreams Riviera Cancun. It is opening next month and if anyone is planning there wedding there in the upcoming 12 months, please let me know! Also, if anyone has any experience with the Dreams Resorts weddings - please share! Thanks!!! I am so excited!
  4. vix1383

    Cruise or resort?

    Thanks for that input! I know it's pretty broad - I guess our planning stage is still broad! haha. I like the simplicity of the cruise, but I don't like the fact that you have to get married during the early afternoon and have your reception while the boat is docked (also in the afternoon). We would love to do a sunset beach wedding and then a nighttime reception. I also like the all-inclusiveness of the resort, as opposed to having each guest rack up an unknown liquor bill!
  5. Not sure if this is the right thread to post, but I am still new at this!! My fiance are debating between a cruise wedding and an all-inclusive resort wedding. We actually want to do our honeymoon at a different time (we are planning that in Montana). Just looking for some opinions/comments/reviews. Thanks!!
  6. vix1383

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! My name is Victoria and my fiance is Brian. We've been engaged for a little over a month now. We are planning a cruise or resort wedding (not sure which one yet) and we don't really have a date in mind. I suppose whatever the cheapest month for cruises is, which our travel agent says is early May.