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  1. We booked Misha for our wedding on June 21. We picked the smallest package at 3 hours but I am wondering if that will be enough time? It's only my fiance and I but I want to get a lot of pictures at the resort and some off the resort.
  2. We just booked our flights and the resort today! The second travel agent was able to find us flights for $685!
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I emailed a different travel agent last night to see if she can come up with anything better.
  4. I forgot to say that we are getting married in June.
  5. My travel agent emailed me today with a price of $900 each round trip to Montego Bay from the west coast. This seems kind of high to me. What is everyone else paying?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm planning to get married at CSA in 2011.
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