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  1. We just had our wedding at the Ocean Turquesa on December 9th and we had the Shooting Star package - it was amazing and Ana, the wedding coordinator was absolutely wonderful. Everything went better than expected and the weather was even perfect! We had the Surf and Turf - it was excellent, and the decorations and flowers were beautiful. Ana goes beyond to give you what you want. The only problem about that resort is the communication. I have stayed at other resorts in the Mayan but this one was frustrating in the sense of trying to get answers and money exchanged - with mostly the front desk staff. When our guests and relatives checked in, after going through the room requests with Ana to make sure there were no problems - they totally messed up on a couple of requests and told our guests that there were no specifics given to them about room requests etc before hand. So basically they were saying that Ana didn't do her job - which was wrong - she was the only one I felt cared about us. Expecially cuz we brought 21 people to their establishment you would think they would be helpful when it came to questions etc...but it was like pulling teeth sometimes. Otherwise the resort is beautiful, food was excellent and our Air Transat Rep Hugo was very helpful as well. Cathy
  2. I am getting married on December 9th at the OT and I have just now decided that I want a professional photographer - I am particularly interested in black and white - any suggestions?
  3. Yes, we are getting married on December 9th, 2009 and we are going through Transat and same thing, their packages don't come with a lot - so you pay quite a bit more for a complete wedding. We are going with the Shooting Star - I think it's the best bang for our buck and the beach setup and outdoor reception setup are included and are breathtaking! Good advice for the wheeling and dealing - I will definitely see what happens.
  4. We are looking at booking the Euphoria, which includes all three options but I am waiting to hear back if the photographer is extra. But yes it is much more reasonable than the Shooting Star package through the hotel.
  5. We are getting married on December 9th and we are going to go through Transat. Looking forward to it...now that time is getting closer.
  6. Could someone explain to me if one chooses the Shooting STar wedding package if it includes everything or does one pay extra for things? If so how does one get the "free package" and book extras accordingly. Does someone have some pics to send of their wedding on the beach, reception setup and the cost (if you don't mind)? My email is newchapter37@hotmail.com. My wedding is at the Ocean Turquesa in early December and we are having 25 guests. We are also having a symbolic ceremony and getting married at home the night before we leave (to avoid any problems with the legalities afterwards). So I am a little confused after reading some of the posts as to what is the best way to go in setting something up and the cost. What are some of your opinions as to what is the best way to go? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have just booked my wedding at the Ocean Turquesa and would be interested in seeing some photos from previous weddings. Can anyone help with this? Also, some feedback as to how it went and any tips?
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    Hi, My name is Cathy and I am getting married in December 2009 at the Ocean Turquesa would love to hear some feedback.