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  1. Hey Jessica, Im sorry, I had already sold the dictionaries when you posted. Thanks, Cyndi
  2. My mom actually got those, and I have no idea where she got them from. Sorry =(
  3. Hey Ladies, Just an update... I have sold the headband, the sewing kits, and 20 of the dictionaries. I still have all 3 sets of earings and the travel kits as well as items from my previos post. Pretty soon I will create a new post with the remaining items plus some more items that I have decided to sell. Thanks! Cyndi
  4. Hi Ladies, I posted a couple of days ago with some of the items that I am selling since I had to cancel my wedding. I mentioned that I had a few more things. Here they are.. $5.00 each - 3 Travel Sewing Kits that include: 8" Scissors 60" Measuring Tape Thimble Storage pouch Seam Ripper 70 Dressmaker Pins Sewing Gauge 6 Assorted hand needles Tomato Pin Cushion 7 Polyester Thread Spools (10 yd each) White Marking Pencil Needle Threader $3.00 each - 6 Travel Kits for Groomsmen that include: Toothbrush and Toothbrush cap cover Floss Picks Breath Spray (Binaca) Toothpaste (Colgate Cavity Protection) Hand Sanitizer Plastic Zip Close Travel Pouch $20.00 Bridal Earrings (1 pair) $15.00 each Bridesmaid's Earrings (2 pair) $15.00 Crystal Headband (still in package) $1.00 each Webster Spanish-English Dictionaries (25) I can check on prices for shipping to your location if needed. If you are local to the D/FW area we can arrange for pickup location and time. Contact Cinny726@aol.com or Private Message me. Thanks for all of the kind words and support that I have received. Cyndi
  5. Okay, I am going to create a new post for the remaining itmes. They include 3 travel sewing kits (large), 6 travel kits for groomsmen, 25 Webster Spanish-English Dictionaries, 3 pair of earings, 1 crystal headband.
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention that I wear a size 8.5 to a 9 in heels. One pair is an 8.5 the other is a 9. Just how they are made I guess. Thanks!
  7. Hi Ladies...I had had the unfortunately luck of having to call off a wedding after my groom got cold feet. None of my items were used, but I can't bare to have them in the house any longer. Take a look at what all I have. I bought 2 pair of heels because I could not decide. $20 each White bridal handbag. $ 15 Large Grey/Silver Flower (can we worn in hair or pinned to dress) $10 Canvas Black and White Flower Girl Tote $10 49 Lilac Favor Boxes with Ribbons (NEW) $15 If you need the item shipped I can check on shipping cost. If you are local to the D/FW area we can arrange a time/place for pick up if desired. I have more items that include the rhinestone headband that I was going to wear, mine and my BM's earnings that we were going to wear, sewing kits for BM gift bags, travel kits for GM gift bags, and more. I will post ASAP. I just wanted to get this up and see how it works first. I'm new to this obviously. Contact cinny726@aol.com Thanks, Cyndi
  8. Cinnamon- I hope this helps. I used it to figure out what would be best for us. If the link does not work look at page 382 about half way down someone posted it...I found it very helpful. http://www.amresorts.com/wedding_gui...ding-guide.pdf
  9. MaR- Your pics are beautiful. We were at Dreams July 2nd for a site inspection. Your pics really made the idea of a wedding on the pool deck come to life. You look like you had such a great time! Congrats!! I was wondering what time you had your ceremony and reception? I loved how you had a perfect mix of daylight photos and night time photos. Also...to any brides with more than 20 guests: Our guest list is growing and I am really worried about how high the bill is going to be if almost all of our 75 guests happen to decide to come. Is there a rate for groups larger than 50 or anything? Or is it the cost of the wedding plus roughly $100 per person after 20 guests Eeeek!
  10. Thanks ladies, you are right about night life etc. And I talked to my TA today and she mentioned a bar crawl excersion. I am actually thinking of only doing music/dancing at the reception for a couple of hours and then heading to the disco. All of the young guest will go, and the older ones and children will want to head to bead. That way we get to do the first dance, father daughter dance, etc, and then go party away from children and grandparents....just a thought.
  11. Okay, so me and my fiance took a scouting trip to Mexico a couple of weeks ago. DRC by far was the best location as far as the look and the rooms etc. Absolutly beautiful! However, I am so nervous to book because we have a lot of partiers coming as well and I am afraid they will be bored and complain and I will feel bad. My close friends keep telling me that it is MY wedding and if they don't like it they can take a cab to go out to a club. The cab ride to Playa or Cancun is like $30 one way though. Now I hear that they do not have nightly shows! Eeeek, I didn't know that....how could I have missed that! Torn about what to do =(
  12. I love MP and have seen so many great reviews, but my TA says they don'e have a great working relationship with MP because so many clients tell them that MP pushed time share sales really hard on guests. Does any one know if this is true?
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