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  1. I agree with Uninspired. The DJ's speakers were great and we did not bring our own. The only songs I had on my laptop were for our first dance, father/daughter, and mother/son dances. I didn't even think we would need them because the DJ was supposed to have them, but he had the wrong songs. Other than those songs though, he played his own music and it was great!
  2. Hey LisaRob, I got married at DLR last April and we used the resort DJ. There were a few problems at the beginning because he did not have the right song for our first dance. I had to bring my laptop down and he was able to play it. Other than that though, the music was great. Everyone at our wedding was dancing all night and had a great time. He had a really good variety of music and was able to play almost all of the special request songs as well!
  3. The resort's outlets are the same as in North America. I used my straightener lots down there!
  4. I would not worry about the rooms at all! My sister stayed in building 2, room 2313. Here are pictures of her room: The next picture is of my Dad's room which was in the preferred club, building 7. As you can see, they are the same! I don't have a picture of the one room I saw that was different. But one guest stayed in building 3 and had a room that looked like this a little different than the others but was still very nice. Check Oyster Hotel Reviews and find Dreamss La Romana and the pictures of the rooms with more brown colouring is how the other rooms looked.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by JoNewhams Jenne, I've heard loads and loads of mixed reviews about the rooms, is it true their all the same apart from the views? Apart from the suites, most of the rooms I saw were pretty well the same. My Dad was in the preferred club and my sister was not, and their rooms looked exactly the same!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by DRbride2011 Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum and I am booked with Dreams La Romana for the endof April 2011. I was wondering if any of the brides who have already gotten married would recommend the preferred club? I have booked the honeymoon suite but not preferred. Help! Hi and welcome to the forum! I was married at Dreams La Romana a month ago. Great choice of resort I would recommend the preferred club only if your guests will be staying in the preferred club as well, or if you are not having any guests come. However, that being said, you may want to double check with the resort but I'm pretty sure all of their suites are part of the preferred club. We booked an ocean front suite (wasn't called the honeymoon suite so I'm not sure what the difference is), and we were in room 4241 which is right in the middle of everything, but is not actually located in the preferred club section, but because it was a suite we had access to all of the preferred club amenities. Since our guests were not in the preferred club though, we didn't really use them, and didn't feel like we were missing out on anything. I feel like I just rambled on and on but hopefully that helps a bit and makes sense!
  7. We used HDC photo as well. Although I did not actually meet Arnaud because he had another photographer come for the wedding, he is who all of the emails and bookings go through and he was amazing! I can honestly say that 95% of the times that I emailed him, he emailed me back within 10 minutes.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by flowersfizz28 Wow another fantastic reveiw!!! many many congratulatins Lianne!!! Im after a little bit of advice! Tiara has got back to me and has advised me that as we are such a small party, dinner on the pier or the beach would be the best way to go after renewing our vows! can anyone give me their opinion, both sound lovely! not sure what to do? is it still very warm after sundown as this will be the time of our meal? I didn't get a chance to see any weddings on the beach, but I think the pier would be awesome for a small party for dinner! As for the heat, it does not cool down at night much at all! We we SOOOO hot the whole day and night of the wedding so I would not worry about it being too cool no matter where you are.
  9. Congratulations Liane! I'm so happy you had such a great wedding and vacation
  10. We had 30 people come. One couple did not know that they were not supposed to drink the tap water, and they drank it, and were not feeling very well. We were told on the bus to the resort and at our orientation the day after we got there, not to drink the tap water. The water they give you at dinner from the restaurants is fine though. We all drank that and were fine!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorbabe Hey Jenne, Pretty new to all this but I feel like I went thru this whole process with you after reading all the pages. Congratulations, looks like all your hard work and planning paid off and was a gorgeous event. You looked amazing. I also am planning to do the Gazebo for ceremony, the Pier for the coctail hour and SSG for the reception. I beleive you had 30 people if I recall correctly? Yes, we had 30 people. -The white sheets and the pink fabric at the gazebo...did you have to pay extra for that? I see the decorating of the gazebo is $350 so Im wondering if its naked unless we pay for it? I love what you did and used the flowers elsewhere...great idea! We paid $350 for the gazebo decoration. I had the Ultimate Package so I think it would have just included the table and centrepiece and covered chair. The $350 paid for the fabric and I believe the chair covers. -same question with the chairs at the ceremony...are those included or are those the tiffany chairs? pay extra for the pink fabric? The chairs were included. I am not 100% sure if the pink sashes were part of the Ultimate Package or the $350 that we paid for the gazebo decorations. -cake says its good for 20 people...did you pay for an extra pound? you said there was extra...would I be best off to go without extra? (Im expecting 30 as well)We paid for extra cake. We definitely did not need the extra cake though, but I like that the cake had two tiers and not just one. It was $30 for the extra cake. The whole bottom layer was left over so we had some a couple days after the wedding. Last question...sorry to be a pain... -You booked a DJ did you oly pay the $850 for the reception and thats why you were surprised about the song being played while you walked the isle? We only paid $275 for the DJ which was for 4 hours at the reception, so I think maybe the song walking up the aisle was part of the wedding package, but I'm not 100% sure. Oh wait one more...I was trying to ask WC if we can leave the cocktail hour for 20 people (as usually there is a tendancy to overorder) and do the dinner for 30? We also like the silver menu better...I assume its okay to shall we say downgrade? This I'm not sure about! We had both the cocktail and dinner for 30 people and stuck with the gold menu. Thanks so much for any assitance you can provide. Sheri Hope this helps!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Pink_Petals Jenne, thank you so so much once again! The pictures are just perfect!!! Honestly, you made it so much easier for me to envision what I can do with the place. In regards to picture below, is that still the same SSG deck? If so, did they move the tables out of the way for the dancing or there is so much space left at the end of the deck? What happens if it rains? Which location do you get moved to? Thanks sooo much for all your help again! xoxo The picture is the same SSG deck and no, nothing was moved! It's just hard to tell in the other picture how much room was actually left at the end of the deck for dancing. The deck is pretty big and we had the head table plus four big round tables (30 people total) and there was plenty of room left! To be honest, I'm not sure what you would do if it rains. Tiara had said once I believe that it could be moved into one of their ballrooms, but we didn't have to worry about that and neither will you because it's NOT going to rain for you!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by lizzyjayne Thanks Jenne for getting back so quickly, I had thought of using the lanterns with the battery operated lights in them, but we can't have our meal at the gazebo unless we pay for the silver menu and most of our guests would struggle to find anything they like of the silver menu (lots of picky eaters) so we are having our meal outside on the SSG Deck, so if I'm right there would be nowhere to hang the lanterns with the lights in them, would this be right? I loved the way the gazebo was decorated for your wedding so I may just go with that, did you get charged for the fabric in the gazebo and chairs? Also the zip lining looks AMAZING, I had not seen that anywhere and know my step kids would love that, do you think it was worth it? Sorry for asking so many questions :-) I don't know if there would be anywhere to hang lanterns on the seaside grill deck. I think there are some trees that you might be able to hang a couple from, but not very many. The cost for the gazebo decoration was $350. To be honest, I am not sure if that included the chair sashes, or if the chair sashes were included in the Ultimate Package, but I think that was part of the $350. The price also included four flower hangings for the gazebo posts, but we did not want them so they just put them on the tables at the reception instead. Ziplining was a lot of fun! It was about a 1 hour and 40 minute busride from the resort, so it took most of the day, but I think it was worth it.. especially if you have never been ziplining before!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lizzyjayne Do you know I've been on this forum for ages, and I DID NOT know those chairs were free, I was actually quite worried about our budget as its just mounting up and up, but thats one thing i can tick off. jenne your photos on facebook are beautiful I cried from start to finish (what on earth will I be like on the day) One question though, Did Tiara have those pink sashes for the chairs or did you bring them? Thanks Lizzyjayne! I was so scared I was going to cry too on my wedding day and I totally did! haha.. right when my dads walked me up the aisle! But I was all smiles too so I don't think anyone could tell. Tiara had the pink sashes. We didn't bring any decorations with us at all. When you meet with her she will show you a photo album of other weddings and you get to pick what you want. The colour was perfect for our theme!
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