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    need to pick an island soon

    Hi everyone: We are looking to set a date for our wedding sometime in May of 2010. We are trying to decide between Cancun, DR and Aruba. One of our biggest challenges is to find an accessible location from the US as well as for our guests from Central Europe. This is a great forum and I'm happy to have found it. Veverica
  2. veverica

    Hello everyone!

    Hello there, My name is Tony and I am glad to chat with everyone. We are planning our wedding in May or October of 2010. Still deciding on the resort option as there are so many. Locations so far would be Mexico, DR, Aruba, Bahamas, not necessarily in the order, but other places are also in consideration. I was hoping to get insight into what others say about their experiences, good and bad. All the best, Tony
  3. This is a review of:

    ClaudiaPhoto Wedding Photography

    Claudia & Co. are amazing!

    Pros: professional, funny, flexible, reliable
    Cons: Can't blame her for the humidity...
    We were married on June 3rd at the Grand Palladium, Riviera Maya. We were interested in Claudia based on the work displayed on her website and previous reviews.  We had narrowed it down to Claudia and another photographer and Claudia had the best packages for the price - closest to our budget.  We communicated everything by email, and she also helped us to book Mike as our videographer for the ceremony (who also did a wonderful job). We chose a 7 hour package and that was about perfect - didn't feel too short or too long. Claudia was very familiar with the resort and knew exactly where to find the best shots with the best light.  It was an unbelievably hot and humid day, and she was so good about taking breaks and finding shade and keeping us happy.  What I really appreciated is that in addition to being our photographer, she was generally helpful with everything going on in the wedding (left to our own devices, the cake probably would have never gotten cut) and had a great sense of humor.  When we received the pictures we were very happy - digital images and prints/beautiful photo album.  She took her time on editing and it showed - high quality work.  The same goes for the video of the ceremony - just beautiful. We are generally very picky - especially when it comes to photography.  After seeing so many other weddings where cheesy/gimmicky poses were the norm, we knew what we DIDN'T want, and were relieved that Claudia was focused on delivering a great combination of elegant and relaxed photos - nothing cheesy. If I, as the bride could have done anything differently, I would have not insisted on waiting till the ceremony for the "first look". The heat was intense and we should have done some pictures together when we were fresh and had some quiet time before the ceremony began.  That way we could have also spent more time with our guests during the cocktail hour (I've heard so many brides say the same thing!  Wish I would have listened.) Nothing that Claudia could have done differently - just me.   The bottom line - You will be so happy with Claudia as your photographer - just make sure to book her early!