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  1. Hi Everybody! My name is Leslie and I am getting married on June 3 of next year (2010) to a wonderful man named Chad who I have been with for 5 years:) We are planning on going to Maui for a week then we will move over to the Big Island for a week, we figure this is our one chance for a vacation as we will try to start a family very soon:). I am having such a difficult time knowing how to book the travel!! Has anyone used the DestinationWedings.com site? I have paid them the 50$ initial fee but am having second thoughts on the information they are giving me, I feel like I could find a better deal elsewhere!! Has anyone booked a destination wedding through Costco? My fiance and I are only paying for ourselves but really want to make sure that it is really affordable for our family and close friends as they are all young new families with smallish children!! Oh I am full of questions!! Any help will be greatly appeciated!!! Can't wait to get to know everyone:) Leslie:)
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