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  1. I really like your tag there where did you get that? is it an online thing? I am so horrible at this online stuff! I am going to have to learn in order to add things to my webpage for my destination guests!
  2. Hi I'm Camie I am getting married next Valentines day. Feb. 14th 2010 In Oahu Hawaii. I live in Oregon so it is quite difficult to know what vendors to chose and rules and regulations for Hawaii. I am trying, like most brides these days, to keep my budget low. I want to do most of the work myself without hiring a consultant. I know it would be much easier to hire one but they're expensive. I am renting a home on the beach for my fiance and I and about 20 guests. This is where most of our money is going to. My brother in law is marrying us and my best friends husband is doing our photography. I have already found a rental place to get chairs and a bamboo arch from. All I need is catering and flowers. I found a women who will do my flowers pretty cheep but I have no references. Even people whom I know and live on the island haven't heard of her. Although her website says she's been around for thirty years! My newest challenge has been finding the right wording to add to an insert for my destination wedding invitation. I would love to see some examples. Also my biggest fear so far is limiting who stays in the house and who stays in a hotel if more than twenty people show! Well if there is anyone out there who is getting married in Oahu or already has, or has some suggestions for me I would love to hear them. Desperately seeking Camie
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