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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by diamondpooch Hello!!! By "resident" DJ, I mean the one they offer you if you buy a DJ through them. I believe they run $580 for three hours or something. I asked about bringing DJMannia in and they said it was fine, but I'd have to pay the resort $50 per hour for electricity used. That's another $200 on top of what I'll already have to pay Mannia and I'm just not sure I wanna spend that much. I know NOTHING about the resident DJ yet. I'm waiting on a response from Claudia regarding if he has a website or anything. I'll post on here when I find out. Sure, I'll email you the PDF of the flowers. I'm less than impressed with what I saw in the photos, so I asked Claudia if those are my only options. Waiting to hear back. I pray they aren't! Well, I'm going to buy my dress and pick out BM dresses on Thursday so wish me luck! Diamondpooch, Wow, I got quoted $90 an hour for the external DJ's electricity and you were quoted $50?!?! I'm hiring an outside dj, but Ana told me it's $90 extra an hour! Hmmm....I hope it's actually $50/hour. It's not right to tell people different things, though so I reaaallly hope I was misquoted!! -Tania
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by eblum999 Tania! I am so excited for you that Elizabeth will be photographing your wedding! She is incredible!!! The large "balloon" thing is the air star It was so nice and they customize it for you... Thank you again!! When is your wedding -Erica Hey, Erica! What exactly IS the air star?? Is it really a balloon with helium or something? Our wedding is June 26, 2010...I wish it was sooner! But I know time is gonna fly by! The hardest part for me is picking the colors for the wedding! Did you stay there for your honeymoon?? -Tania
  3. SunnyT

    Philly newbie headed to Barcelo Maya Palace!

    Quote: Originally Posted by nya2010 Congratulations! I'm considering Barcelo myself for my May 2010 wedding, I was under the impression you couldn't bring in your own photographer is that the case? And how did you narrow it to Barcelo? Will the reception take place on the beach or palapa? Hi, Nya2010! One of my friends got married at the Barcelo this year, and before I saw how her wedding turned out, I was pulling out my hair trying to find a resort! They did such a great job with everything and the ceremony/reception locations were all gorgeous! Also on my list of prerequisites, I wanted a resort with nice rooms, a nice pool and beach and good reviews on food with plenty for guests to do during their stay. My ceremony will most likely take place on the beach (that can change when I see the gazebo in person!), and the reception will probably take place in one of the open-air grills. We'll see...it's kinda hard to figure it out when you're so far away! I booked my photographer before they changed their rules about no outside photogs...also, she required a hotel room for that night. I heard that if they're staying as a guest, they're allowed to shoot your wedding...not sure if that's the case anymore, though.. Happy planning, and good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions!!
  4. Erica, Thanks so much for all the info. and for sharing your special day with us! Elizabeth Medina did such a fabulous job for you guys! Looking at your pics makes me so excited, and I can't wait to see what she does for us! Question...that big thing with your names on it during your beach party, is that the "air star" that's on the price list? I love it!! Congrats to you and Doug!!! -Tania
  5. Hi, guys! Just wanted to say hello, and say that this forum is great! I'm sure I'll be coming here to continue planning my wedding! 9 months to go! I picked Barcelo Maya Palace and my photog because of the great reviews on here! Thanks for all your tips and advice! -Tania
  6. Hey everyone! I'm so excited, I booked our wedding for June 26, 2010 at the Barcelo Palace!!!! This forum is so helpful! Erica, I booked Elizabeth Medina, too! Your pictures are AMAZING! Congrats! It looks like you all had a great time, and I'm glad the Barcelo was so accommodating... I wish I could use the French restaurant, too. It looks gorgeous... I guess they offered it b/c nothing else was available for you? Did you bring your own centerpieces?