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  1. thank you all for your warm welcomes! I just had to make a comment to tod that the picture you have posted is gorgeous! where was that taken?
  2. Hello jody, I too want to thank you for such a wonderful review. my fiance' and I are getting married at secrets in May. It is wonderful to get the opinion of someone who has actually experienced it. After reading your review it has made me reconsider upgrading to the platinum package. We were just planning to do package # 2 (secrets of love). I am assuming from your review that you felt the extra $700 + was well worth it?! I was wanting to get some extra details if you dont mind First, did you pay $150 total for the ipod speaker system that was used during ceremony and dinner reception (or was that per hour). Second, I love the sand ceremony you did, was that provided by the resort or did you bring that? Third, the tulle idea is great, never would have thought of that. How much did you bring? Fourth, I also am wanting to make the reception tables nice and personal but want to keep my travelling baggage to a minimum. If you were to recommend one or two things to bring for the reception tables, what would they be? Thank you so much for your time and efforts! MELMEL
  3. My name is Melissa.... I just found this site and so far it has been fun and very helpful! I am getting married May 28 at Secrets Maroma. I will continue to navigate the site and get back with any questions!
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