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  1. Hello Brides To Be! Â I had my wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace on January 30, 2010. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous wedding. Because I received such great advice and help from this forum, I wanted to be sure to add my pics from our big day as a way to say thank you. I hope they help with envisaging what your day will look like. It was stressful for me before arriving at the hotel as I didn't have much communication with the coordinators, but they find you once you get there and then take care of everything. So here is the link: Â http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/creativeapps/slideShow/Main.jsp?albumId=682244376114&ownerId=257247395114 Â The photos are taken by family members in addition to the professional photographer that belonged to the hotel. We also ordered a DVD, so there was a videographer on site recording everything. I cannot highlight how great it is to have a DVD. Pictures can caputure a lot, but a DVD help you relive the moments! Â For your information we had our wedding at 3pm. If I could change one thing about the day it would be to change the ceremony to an earlier time. Even with just 15 guests, I felt completely rushed to beat sundown...as I was trying to get in as many photos in as possible. I did have a few logistical problems on our day with my coordinator and the golf carts, but luckily my wedding party shielded me from it. Â Enjoy. Â Â Â
  2. Hello Brides-to-Be. My fiance and I have just realized that our iPod is broken. We are hoping that we can use CDs instead because we don't have the money right now to buy a new iPod. Does anyone out there know if CDs are OK? Also, what kind of sound system does the hotel use? Can we use CDs for the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception? We will pay for the Mariachi band to play right after dinner, otherwise that's all we can afford.Thanks for any responses. We are leaving on Tuesday and I am freaked about this right now. Any help would be great.
  3. Hi Barcelo Brides. I am getting married at the end of this month and still don't quite know how the reception will look. We have decided on the Strawberry Passion Package...with dinner and dancing on the beach. I am worried about it being too dark. Those of you had your reception on the beach...what did you think? Was it dark? What kind of lighting did you have? I want to bring my own hanging candle lanterns, but haven't heard back from the coordinators if it is ok. Does anyone here know if they would permit that? Also, are there trees to hang lanterns from? I know that they sell torchieres and other lighting decorations, but I worry that they will cost a fortune. I assume the sun goes down just after 5. My reception will begin at 6pm. I wonder if I should start it earlier in order to catch the sunset? Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks so much for reading.
  4. Hi There: I know you said you prefer to ship within the US. But, I'd love to take the starfish necklace, the Estee Lauder OOT bags and gardenia hair pins. I live in Vancouver, Canada and it's all just what I am looking for. If you don't mind shipping these to me, I don't mind paying the fee. Let me know. Cheers
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by t&kJanuary2010 Does anyone have a price list for the SPA? Please let me know where I can find it if anyone has sent it anywhere. Thanks a bunch! Hi t&k. I found this link. I have a feeling the services and rates are a bit out of date. But this might be a good starting point for you. Hope it works. Cheers, Spa | UNOFFICIAL BARCELO MAYA
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sfrench0621 The menu was too big to upload so I posted the PDF of the menu for the Strawberry Passion package on 4shared.com for anyone to download. Hope this helps! If someone wants to send me the menu for the other package I can post it on the download site as well. sfrench0621 at gmail.com 4shared.com - document sharing - download MENU_ING_PLAYA.pdf Hello: I am having a very hard time dowloading the menu from the URL you attached. Are you able to send it to my private email address by any chance. I would appreciate it so much. debster75@gmail.com Thank you kindly,
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by yesther Thank you everyone for all your pictures and informative posts! I'm just in the beginning stages of my wedding planning...I think I'm on the menu part. Has anyone decided? I still didn't get an answer as to whether some ppl can have meat while others have fish etc., so I hope it works out. Also, since I can't have sparklers at my wedding, I decided to go for a funny pinata at the rehersal/welcome dinner. Have any of you ladies done this? Is it too cheesy? I was thinking about putting practical things in for the adults (gift cards) in addition to funny toys and candy for the little and big kids, lol. I'm just wondering if it's something I can easily find when I get down there, or if I should start planning on ordering one here and taking it with. Thoughts? Ideas? Oh! One last thing. I know a lot of the brides are having a DJ. I think I am going the ipod route. Has anyone done that and/or been to a wedding that had only the ipod? Hi: I'm just curious if you have found our any information regarding the pinata? I think that sounds like a great idea! I'm sure it would go off well with everyone.
  8. Quote: Great to see someone else getting married around the same date. Planning is going okay. I still haven't received the menu yet and can't decide if I want to pay the extra for the reception in an outside grill Getting a little stressed but I know it'll all come together. How is your planning going? I know...I still haven't received the menu yet either! Though I did find it on one of the pages on this site. Did you get yours? I decided to do the Strawberry Passion package. Gee I hope the weather turns out for the both of us. We got the photographer booked and are trying to finalize a few things with Gabriela but she never gets back to us. It's very frusturating. I heard that the hotel has a docking station for an iphone so you can use that for your music set-up. We only have 20 guests, and I thought that would be good enough. So, I am trying to find out if the docking station will take also an iphone or if it has to be an ipod. We are getting quite excited and can't wait to hit the sun and beach. Any new developments with you?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride17 Hi Everyone, I am new to this board but have been reading past posts. My fiance and I are considering getting married at the Barcelo in January or February of next year. Kind of short notice, I know. I have two questions. Do you think this is just too short of notice for people to commit? We would probably be inviting 20-30 people. Also, has anyone who is travelling with Air Transat talked to their travel agent about the three new wedding packages that they are offering at the Barcelo They seem quite reasonably priced if you have 10 or 12 people flying out of the same place, etc, but I wonder if you'd get the same level of service from the people at the hotel if they're not getting all of the $$. Txs in advance. Hi beachbride17. I noticed you have your weddin date set for January 28. We are having ours on January 30. I thought I'd give you a shout out. How is everything going?
  10. Hello: I have heard that some resorts offer webcams to brides and grooms who want to to cast their wedding vows online (especially for those folks who can't be there.) I think that is such a great idea! I would love to do that if possible. Has anyone heard about this? Does Barcelo offer it? Thanks for reading.
  11. Hello Barcelo Brides. I have finally found an AI hotel that offers their receptions on the beach! YEAH for Barcelo Palace!!!! However, while doing my research through Trip Advisor I came across several negative comments and feedback regarding their Wedding Coordinator. Oh dear... I read PhillyBrides posts and saw her pics. It looked like her wedding went off without a hitch. Does anybody out there have other personal experiences.? Or does anyone know of another AI that offers the outdoor ceremony? Thanks,
  12. Hello all BLUE PARROT Brides. For those of you who have been married already at the BLUE PARROT, any reviews, pictures or comments would be most helpful.: I have done a little research and heard that their drinks are weak and that the food is just so-so. I guess diluted drinks and mediocore meals could potentially ruin a wedding. Does anyone have any information? The ones planning for our upcoming weddings would love to hear from you. Thanks so much. Debbie
  13. Thanks for the info. I received an e-mail fom them a few days ago. Unfortunately, the beach club ais not vailable for the date that we have chosen. I'm very sad, and not sure what to do. I really had my heart set on this location. And my fiance had his heart set on the date. Sigh.
  14. Hello Any y Jose brides. I sent an e-mail to Ana y Jose about two weeks ago through their website. I am interested in booking my wedding at their beach club but I haven't heard back from them in about 2 weeks. Could someone just confirm with me what is the best way to contact them? And do you have their e-mail addy. Thanks so much.
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