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  1. Girls, Like I had said earlier, we just got back on Sunday and our entire group is fine. I work in a hospital and I can reassure you that the media can really pour things on thick. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be careful, but you need to remember that the drug wars are in a couple bordering cities, not the tourist areas and that the swine flu is predominantly in and around Mexico city. None of these issues are in or around the resort. Most of the workers that we talked with are from Puerto Morelos or Cancun, again no where near mexico city... just some food for thought. As it was, the resort did seem to slow down a bit at the end of our last week, but I think you should all still go and not worry about it. If you want to take precautions, get masks for your trip back since you don't know if anyone is coming back from Mexico City area, but don't let this ruin things for you!!! The infection rate is no more serious than the common flu infecting less than 1% of the population where SARS was infecting 10% of the population... it's all perspective. As for the airport in Cancun and Toronto, there were no precautions taken then, that's not to say there are not any changes made now, but none of the customs officials were taking any precautions or anything either! I hope this helps!!! Julie
  2. Hello Ladies, Well, I'm finally married and it was a blast!! Thanks to everyone for all your support, advice and for just listening to ranting when needed!!! Everything really did turn out wonderful (my rose petal aisle was looked over, but it was truly okay)!!!! Missy, I realized once I was down there that I'd forgotten our sand ceremony wording which we had used about 4 different ones to get the wording we wanted, and then it struck me ask Perla for Missy's... so I explained the whole forum thing and told her that you would more than likely be okay if she could lend me your wording so we could have a base to work with yet again, and she tried so hard to find it all the while saying how sweet you were and how organized you were, she even showed me that she still had your last email "final email to Perla" or something like that. It was so nice, she thinks highly of you!! Anyway girls, I just wanted to say thanks, you were all so helpful and for a while I was wishing I'd done this another way... as in get married here in Canada, but in the end, I wouldn't change a thing!!!! It really was perfect!! Once we have our pictures back, I'll try and post some... JulieS
  3. lauren, thanks so much, that site is fabulous... i'm just looking through it all, it has everything mark and i were looking to do!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! 1 MONTH AWAY EXACTLY.... CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! woohoo... i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thanks girls!!! good to know... i knew it was on the 2nd largest coral reef, but i didn't know it was protected... good to know!!! did you do any tours that you would reccomend to others?
  5. thanks yamille!! have you been to the resort yet? we never did a site visit, so we're trying to figure it all out over email and with some help from our travel agent and a whole lot of help from this forum!!!!
  6. question girls... is the snorkeling included at the resort? did anyone do a day trip to have a shore lunch and snorkle?
  7. Wow girls... that's crazy that Missy is banned... sounds so harsh... i read the PSA: points for noobs... i'd say someone over reacted... what's the point of the option of donating points? i'm confused... oh well, i just feel bad that more brides to be are going to miss out on her advice/knowledge. i thought this forum was to come together as brides and brides to be and help each other out... that just seems like a power struggle for someone!! i better watch what i say... i'll be banned too... this whole banning is ridiculous!! they should verify that the person that received donated points is active in the thread and then make a decision... i'll stop rambling!!!
  8. Hey Ladies... I'm very very upset!! I've had correspondences with Perla in the past and when I had received my confirmation of the JUDGE from her, she had said that we would meet down there prior to the wedding to arrange stuff. Not once in all our emails did she send me a 'wedding planning guide' or a 'romance wedding calculator'. Well last night (37 days before the wedding) she sent me these with an email that answered all my questions from a week and a half ago and with instructions that I'm to choose everything now and get it to her at least 3 weeks before the wedding. I even went and read every email we've had and there was nothing about this in any of them. She had always answered my questions, and that was it. I am wondering how you all chose your flowers without seeing them, your cake without seeing the options, the chairs... etc I am so mad that she had never sent me this information before and why she would have told me we choose stuff when we're there... I'm frustrated!!!!
  9. egsarah, i like that post... that's something mark and i have been discussing, and we have no idea... i wasn't sure how to ask the question about tipping, so i'm glad you did!!!
  10. missy that spreadsheet was great to see... thanks for sharing! i've been told there's a costco and a walmart near by for flowers and centerpiece stuff... true or false? what are the chairs like that are included without coverings?? are they bad??
  11. Will someone please tell me that we can pay by credit card?? We have it all laid out to pay with our credit card and then work it out when we get home....
  12. FutureMrsC I found Mark's suit at AHFashion online, it's 100%irish linen, it's nice and cool and it's really nice!! it's a natural beige colour, so it's light and airy, also, I found suits for our boys to match from Children's Place. Jake will be 3 at the end of April and Josh will be 1 in a couple weeks, and they both have little natural linen suits to match their Daddy, it's too cute!!!
  13. Becks, I read a post that stated you had an excel to-do-checklist. I'm in works of making mine, and I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing yours with me. I've been going through previous pages, looking for the downloadable version of it, but I can't find it. If anyone else has one as well, if you're up for sharing your list, it would be helpful... i want to make sure all my ducks are in a row... you get so far and then you feel like you're forgetting something...
  14. wow... that is pricey... ouch!!! i think i'll get my teacher friends to bring a projector with them and shoot it on a wall or something... i'm 45 days to the wedding, i'm feeling very out of control... every time something gets accomplished, there's something else that i hadn't thought of...agghhhhh
  15. Lauren, Good call on the question about shipping in advance, I was wondering that myself. Also, my aunt is doing a power point presentation, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if we can get the projector and screen from them and how much it costs to use it?
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