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    Newly Engaged & Wedding is in June!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by T.Thompson Hi Nicola!!Welcome to the forum,Best wedding wishes.T Alec & T.Photography View Angel Wedding Movie Thank You!!!
  2. NIKKI74

    Newly Engaged & Wedding is in June!!

    Hello!! Thank you to all of you for welcoming me to this amazing forum, you are right I am enjoying it Congratulations to all of you that have Weddings coming up. Luckily once I found The Majestic Colonial and Jason and I loved it, I sent off my email request asking if June 25th was available and luckily it was so I had to act fast, however am glad to say that the date is booked and the beach will be calling out to us!! Is there anyonelse here that got married at The Majestic Colonial? Any tips/advice will be more than welcomed. Take Care & Bye for now!!
  3. Hello, My name is Nicola, My Fioncee "Jason" and I are getting married June 25th 2009 at "The Majestic Colonial" we are very excited and the planning is on its way