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  1. Hello, I just got firedancer prices for 2009 yesterday 3/30/2009 and I wanted to share. These quotes are from Lunas de Fuego. 2 dancers and live music $850 USD 3 dancers and live music $950 USD 4 dancers and live music $1,050 USD 1 dancer, 1 musician and music in CD $500 USD 2 dancers, 1 musician and music in CD $600 USD 3 dancers, 1 musician and music in CD $700 USD 4 dancers, 1 musician and music in CD $800 USD Here is their email address: info@lunasdefuego.com.mx Contact person: Blanca Magos Hope this helps!
  2. Update: Since yesterday we have had someone higher up in the Resort contact us and is helping us change our rooming situation. I wish their involvement would have happened earlier. Nevertheless, thanks for everyone who has been supportive and nice about this and making me feel better. My thread yesterday was very emotional for so many reasons- I hand made all of my invitations and they all said "Westin Resort" on them and it bummed me out that I had sent them out and half our guests still don't know about the change. After planning for over a year small changes can become BIG stresses. All weddings are stressful, but venue changes can really drain a bride. Although we are not having our wedding there we will still be there for that weekend. I hope its enjoyable. The good news is that the private villa has changed my mood a lot and they have been beyond accomodating. I'm dealing with great people and they are very responsive. As a matter of fact there is a wonderful young lady who I speak with nearly everyday and who has calmed a lot of my worries and stress. Its a different feeling this time around. I do want to apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings with my post including our past coordinator who I am sure is a good person despite us not being able to work together. Have a great day everyone and I must go on the search to find my wedding shoes now
  3. P.S. Although my wedding planning experience didn't go as expected with the resort, I still consider the Westin to be one of the most beautiful resorts in Cabo. I guess thats what has made it harder for me to let go because I truly fell in love with our venue location. I don't want to discourage anyone who wants to stay there or have an event there, but I do want to share my experience because I think its only fair for us brides (past, present and future) to look out for eachother via this great forum.
  4. Thank you all for listening (reading my thoughts). I felt like other brides would probably understand me more. I do sincerely hope things work out and I hope to have better news after our wedding is over. We have moved the wedding ceremony/reception to a private Villa and I will share that experience as soon as I can. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement everyone!
  5. Hello, Please read my recent post. Maybe this will help you decide.
  6. Hello Everyone, It took a lot for me to post this, but I feel that I have to because it would be an injustice to let other brides go through what I'm going through right now. Also, I apologize in advance for how long this is, but I feel this must be shared. What was supposed to be the wedding of our dreams turned extremely sour 2 months before the big day. When we first thought about having our wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico my fiance and I flew out to see a couple of places. The Westin being one of them. We fell in love with their sales manager Karina Jajan and we decided to have our wedding there much in part because of her and her attention to detail, care, and service. Unfortunately, 3 months into the wedding planning Karina took a job elsewhere and we were left with a replacement as our new wedding coordinator. We had never met with our new coordinator so it was difficult to convey the same ideas we had with him with what we had shared with Karina when we were there. Things were a bit slow when it came to the planning process. Either emails were not answered in a promptly manner or not answered at all. We found out that the Westin was actually looking to hire a new coordinator and she would be the one to eventually help us with our wedding process, but unfortunately this was the beginning of a very stressful wedding for us. Our new coordinator was less responsive than anyone before her. She would take more than a month to get back to us and also not answer important questions. The only time we ever received a response was when my fiance was cc in emails (I’m assuming on accident or carelessness) that were meant for other people. When asked about her delayed responses she said she was very busy and had more than just weddings to coordinate. I guess this is understandable, but doesn’t excuse poor service at a very expensive resort. Furthermore, it continues to appear that our money is more important to them than our happiness. With her there was very little negotiating with vendors (we strictly had to use theirs regardless of how outrageous their prices were and how unreasonable it seemed to use them). Long story short we were beyond let down by the services at the Westin that we decided to cancel our wedding entirely and find an alternative location only 2 months before the big day. The Westin did very little to try and keep us and went as far as to try and charge us for the food we weren’t going to consume. We still had to uphold our room contract (a room block of 10 rooms at 3 nights per room totaling 30 nights). This is the problem we are currently facing. Our contract stated that we were given a great rate for Royal Beach Club rooms at $389 a night. This didn’t bother us until we started seeing how those same rooms are going for a lot less on their website right now. Many of our guests decided to book their rooms on-line. When we finally thought we had reached our room block Shearim emailed us and said those didn’t count because they didn’t call the Resort and therefore were not a part of our wedding party. Basically the Westin wants our guests to pay the higher rate regardless of what their website is selling. Currently, were trying to get in touch with a manager there or someone who can really try and work with us, but we haven't heard from anyone yet (we have called, emailed and faxed our concerns.) My wedding is in less than 36 days and sadly I wish it were over only so I wouldn't be so stressed. How a resort can do this to a bride is shameful. I have a very optimistic fiance and great family so I'm sure I will forget about this whole experience that day, but for now I just want to warn other future brides who are considering the Westin to learn from my experience. I will post an updated review of everything that happens on my wedding day- afterall we are now getting married somewhere else so there is sunshine after the rain and I have found great people who are willing to work with me. Thanks for reading this long post. Best, Lizette
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    Hello Everyone! So happy to have logged in this morning and have so many replies Hi Dino (He will be shooting our wedding). I'll give you all more details as I am able to, but right now it appears that I'm becoming my own wedding coordinator. Sooo stressful
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    Hello Everyone, name: My name is Lizette date: I'm getting married on April 18, 2009 Location: tbd
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